If you're unable to fulfill a sale here on Swappa, or if you need to reimburse a buyer for a returned product, PayPal's support page here offers a thorough summary on how to issue a refund.

Please keep the following points in mind whenever issuing any kind of refund:

  • Only issue a full refund once you have a product back in your possession during a return
  • Full and partial refunds can be issued using the same instructions, so be mindful when specifying a refund amount
  • Keep in mind PayPal may withhold selling fees when issuing refunds per their policies
  • Inform our support team either on the sale page (check the box for our help) or by using our help form (with a link to the sale page) whenever a refund is issued

Please note that PayPal may require sellers to cover the PayPal seller fee when issuing a refund. Thus, sellers may also be required to add funds to their PayPal account in order to refund buyers. This process of attempting to refund before adding funds can occasionally cause errors on PayPal's end, so please reach out to their support team for assistance with refunds when needed.

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