Where can I get my phone screen fixed for cheap?

Where can I get my phone screen fixed for cheap?

Phone screens have been growing in size, and the bezels have been shrinking. Bigger screens with smaller bezels make for a good looking phone, but it also makes for a fragile phone. Unfortunately, phone screens can, and do, break. But then, after the initial sadness of cracking the screen on your phone, comes the questions — where can I get my screen fixed? And perhaps more importantly, where can I get that cracked screen fixed for cheap?

That is where the Swappa Repair Network comes in to help. Not only will you be able to find a trusted local repair shop in the Repair Network, but you will also be able to find information on pricing.

Find a repair shop and get your screen fixed for cheap

Using the Swappa Repair Network means finding a simple solution to your cracked screen problem. You begin the process by visiting the Swappa Repair Network and entering your zip code or city in the “Search Phone Repair” box. Or alternatively, you can scroll down the page and browse for your state and specific metro area.

From this point, you can browse for a repair shop using the map view, or using the list of shops (that are found below the map). The list of shops will show all the available repair shops that are located within your metro area. With more than 2,400 repair shops listed in the Repair Network — you shouldn’t have much trouble locating a shop close to where you live or work.

Swappa Repair Network - Repair Shop Location Map

Once you locate a repair shop that is near your location you can tap the name to bring up the profile page for the shop. The profile page is where you will find details to include the street address, telephone number, email address, and directions to the shop. Pricing information can be found in the “Repair Service Pricing” section of the shop profile page — just locate that section and look for the “Screen” price list.

Swappa Repair Network - Repair Shop Price List

The repair shop profile pages also include a link to the website, which quite often — means you can go ahead and get your repair scheduled online. Being able to schedule the service online is generally a quick and easy process, but it also means you will be able to get additional confirmation on the price you should expect to pay for your screen repair.

Visit the Swappa Repair Network

Here is why you should use the Swappa Repair Network

There are several reasons why you should use the Swappa Repair Network. We’ve already mentioned one reason here in this post, which is how the Repair Network has more than 2,400 shops. With such a large database of trusted repair shops — you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a location that is close to where you are located. Having such a large database of repair shops to search through also means you have multiple options available just in case one shop happens to be super busy on the day you need a fast (and cheap) repair.

Along with having a large database of repair shops, you can also have confidence in the shops that are listed. All the shops in the Repair Network must follow our guidelines in order to be listed. The repair shops:

  • Must have a retail location. Shops listed in the Repair Network cannot be listed if they operate out of a residence or other non-retail location.
  • Must have a verifiable business name, address, phone number, and web presence. These details are all verified by Swappa staff members before the shop is listed.
  • Must offer a minimum 30-day warranty on all repairs. Many shops also offer a longer warranty, and it is fairly common to see a 90-day warranty being offered.

In addition to these reasons, many shops that are listed in the Repair Network provide free estimates, that way you’ll know the cost before you commit. Also, while a broken screen is fairly obvious damage, most of the shops listed in the Repair Network provide free diagnostics to get to the root of any issue that may not be as obvious as a cracked screen.


You can find a repair shop and get your screen repaired for cheap by tapping the green button below.

Get your screen repaired for cheap!