Selling your phone on Swappa is the best way to upgrade to the Galaxy S10

Selling your phone on Swappa is the best way to upgrade to the Galaxy S10

Samsung is off to a great start in 2019, with the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S10. There are now three flagship Galaxy S models to choose from: the Samsung Galaxy S10e, Samsung S10, and the Samsung Galaxy S10+. These aren’t just the best Samsung Galaxy phones ever built, they’re also the most expensive. Here are the launch prices for each of these new models, including all the storage/RAM configurations:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Prices

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e$749.99 (128GB/6GB RAM), $849.99 (256GB/8GB RAM)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10$899.99 (128GB/8GB RAM), $1,149.99 (512GB/8GB RAM)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+$999.99 (128GB/8GB RAM), $1,249.99 (512GB/8GB RAM), $1,599.99 (1TB/12GB RAM)

As you can see, these are by no means “cheap Samsung phones” and if you recently purchased a Galaxy S10 and are wondering what you should do with your old phone, why not turn it into cash? There are plenty of ways to get money for your old phone and in this post we’ll explore the best ways to get the most money out of it.

Trade in your old phone 💸

Like most things in life, the easiest way to make a buck isn’t always the best way. Trade-in services will try to entice you with quick money, but only offer you peanuts for your old phone. We’re talking pennies on the dollar. In other words, you can kiss all that money your phone is worth bye-bye.

This is the nature of a trade-in business, which give you the lowest value in order to flip your old devices for profit. That means you only get a fraction of what your phone is actually worth, far less than if you sold it yourself. Sure trading in your phone is less work, but if you want to squeeze every last cent from the tech you spent your hard-earned money on, selling it yourself will get you the most money possible.

Sell your old phone on Swappa 💰

Unlike trade-in services that low-ball you for your old tech, Swappa gets you the full value of your old phone. We do this by putting you in direct contact with buyers across the US. The best part if you don’t have to worry about awkward (or potentially dangerous) face-to-face meetups, because you can’t put a value on safety.

Selling your old phone on Swappa is easy and straightforward. Simply create a listing for your old phone and once it’s been approved by our staff, your listing will be live and in front of thousands of eyes around the country. Once your phone is sold, you just have to ship it out using your preferred courier service and that’s it. Of course, Swappa support is always available 24/7/365 to handle any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

How much is your old phone worth? 📱

The real question is how much you can get for your old phone on Swappa. There’s far too many phones to list all of them in this post, but we can get started with some of the more popular models. If you’re planning on upgrading to the Galaxy S10, chances are you’re already a Galaxy fan, so we’ll list all the most recent Galaxies. Oh, and since there’s also a good amount of people who own iPhones, we’ll list those as well.

Samsung Galaxy Prices


Samsung Galaxy Price range
Galaxy Note 9 $479-564
Galaxy S9 Plus $400-599
Galaxy S9 $345-600
Galaxy Note 8 $329-360
Galaxy S8 Plus $245-565
Galaxy S8 $209-445
Galaxy S7 Edge $118-438
Galaxy S7 $104-274
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus $130-230
Galaxy S6 Edge $105-319
Galaxy S6 $87-125


Apple iPhone Prices

Apple iPhone Price range
iPhone 6S $130-154
iPhone 7 $194-210
iPhone SE $85-115
iPhone 6 $119-125
iPhone 7 Plus $280-319
iPhone 6S Plus $190-209
iPhone 6 Plus $169-181
iPhone 8 Plus $399-455
iPhone X $564-625
iPhone 8 $355-430



It’s clear that Swappa has the potential to get you much more for your old phone than any of the trade-in services out there. With the price of new, cutting edge smartphones growing more expensive every year, selling your used phone Swappa is a great way to take the sting out.

Whether you’re looking for extra money to help pay for a Samsung Galaxy S10 — or need help to recoup the costs of one already purchased — you can list your old phone on Swappa and make some money off it. Create a listing today and see how much money you can make from your old tech.