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Galaxy S6 Price

Current Samsung Galaxy S6 prices start at $90 as of October 2018.

How much does an Galaxy S6 cost?

Galaxy S6 prices start at $90 and can cost as much as $249 for models in better condition with more storage. Buying used, directly from another Swappa user usually means the cheapest price.

  • Galaxy S6 32GB price, recent average $126
  • Galaxy S6 64GB price, recent average $155
  • Galaxy S6 128GB price, recent average $159

Will the Galaxy S6 price drop?

Galaxy S6 prices will continue to get cheaper over time. Samsung phones hold their value well, but prices will continue to drop as time passes and new models are announced. Buy used and get the best price today on Swappa.

Sell my Galaxy S6?

Swappa is also the best place to sell your old phone. You can get the best deal selling it directly to another buyer. Sell with Swappa

Used Galaxy S6 for sale

Buying used means the best price. Shopping Swappa means it's safe and easy.

Samsung Galaxy S6 release

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was officially released in April, 2016, alongside the S6 Edge with a curved display. The Galaxy S6 originally launched at the retail price of around $680.

Unlike the curvier Galaxy S6 Edge, the regular S6 came with a traditional flat display. Hardware specs include a 5.1-inch QHD display, Exynos 7420 processor, 3GB RAM, 32/64/128GB internal storage (no micro SD card slot), 16MP rear camera / 5MP front facing camera, front mounted fingerprint button, 2,550mAh battery, wireless charging, and micro USB port.

The Edge variant had identical specs, with the exception of a slightly larger 2,600mAh battery and extra software features to take advantage of the curved display.

New features included Samsung Pay which used MST technology that allowed it to work with traditional credit card readers, and a premium build that featured a metal frame sandwiched in between glass panels.

Better price buying used

Buying a used Galaxy S6 is a great way to get a newish device for a fraction of the price. On Swappa there is a huge selection of used tech to choose from, so finding the perfect price, storage size and condition for you is just a few clicks away.

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