Is Apple Trade In worth it?

Is Apple Trade In worth it?

Swappa users know better than anyone that our marketplace is one of the best – and safest – ways for people to save money on used tech. When it comes time to sell your old phone and upgrade to something new, trade-in offers can be tempting, but only if you expect to receive the lowest value for your old tech. This is probably the truest today where countless Apple fans are rushing to sell their iPhone in hopes of nabbing a shiny new iPhone 12.

This is especially true with Apple where a big part of their business is around customers trading in their old devices for the latest models. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that always benefits you (the seller). You see, trade-in services make their money by offering you pennies on the dollar for your old tech, all in hopes of flipping your old device for profit. This is the typical trade-in business model and it’s not too much different from car dealerships luring in desperate sellers with the promise of quick and easy cash or store credit.

On Swappa you receive the true value for your old tech. This is because sellers deal directly with buyers, allowing you to receive top dollar for your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, while simultaneously providing buyers with a great deal they can feel good about. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Keep reading to see how the Swappa marketplace compares with the Apple Trade In program, and see for yourself how selling your old iPhone on Swappa is by far the best way to get the most money for your used tech.

What is Apple Trade In?

Like most other services, the Apple Trade In (formerly Apple GiveBack) allows customers to trade-in their old iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. Apple will “buy back” your old Apple device by giving you credit toward a new purchase, or an Apple Store gift card. For devices that no longer have a trade-in value, Apple will offer to recycle the device absolutely free of charge.

It’s worth emphasizing that Apple Trade In does not offer cash for any old devices, so if you’re looking to receive actual money, you’ll need to go to a 3rd party trade-in service or even better — use Swappa to sell your old Apple devices yourself and get paid cash to use however you like.

Can I do trade-in at the Apple Store?

Trade-ins can be done either at your local Apple Store, or online where you can receive a prepaid Apple trade-in kit and ship your old device out free of charge (the exception to this being Mac trade-ins which can only be done in-store). Once a trade-in has been received, Apple Store gift cards will be mailed to customers within 1-2 weeks.

Does Apple allow you to trade-in cracked screens?

One thing Apple and Swappa have in common is neither allow users to sell (or trade-in) an iPhone with a cracked screen. Apple will offer to repair the screen, but that cost will go against your overall trade-in value leaving with very little value left over.

Should you have a broken screen, you’ll first want to get it fixed using a local repair shops, and we have just the thing to help you on your way. The Swappa Repair Network is a collection of local repair shops offering quality repairs with 30-day guarantees and services typically cheaper than you’d find if you walked into an Apple Store. Once your Apple device is fixed good as new, sell it on Swappa for cash and get paid the most money possible for it.


How much can I get for my old iPhone or Apple device?

If you’re wondering exactly how much you will get for your iPhone or other Apple device trade-in, Apple provides customers with the best possible price on their Trade In page. Of course, trade-in values vary depending on device condition and the specific model you’re looking to sell.

To help make it easy on you, we’ve gone ahead and provided a list showing you exactly how much each iPhone and Apple device is worth, along with the current going rate if you were to sell that same device on Swappa. You might want to sit down for this…

Apple Trade In value vs Swappa

iPhone modelAppleSwappaDifference
iPhone SE (2nd Gen)$205$361+$151
iPhone 11 Pro Max$490$912+$412
iPhone 11 Pro$450$834+$384
iPhone 11$350$607+$257
iPhone XS Max$340$600+$260
iPhone XS$270$516+$246
iPhone XR$245$435+$190
iPhone X$240$421+$181
iPhone 8 Plus$210$355+$145
iPhone 8$130$279+$149
iPhone 7 Plus$140$274+$134
iPhone 7$75$186+$111
iPhone 6S Plus$75$193+$118
iPhone 6S$45$144+$99
iPad modelAppleSwappaDifference
iPad Pro 11-inch (2018)$400$793+$393
iPad (6th gen)$130$295+$165
iPad Air 2$90$265+$175
iPad Mini 4$90$185+$95
Apple Watch modelAppleSwappaDifference
Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm)$140$350+$210
Apple Watch Series 3 (42mm)$95$259+$164
Apple Watch Series 2 (42mm)$60$135+$75
Apple Watch Series 1 (42mm)$30$103+$73

(Highest Apple trade-in values compared with average cash price on Swappa)

As you can see, in just about every case, Apple’s trade-in values pale in comparison to the price you can get for the same devices in the Swappa marketplace. Just look at the trade-in value for the iPhone 6S, where the current Apple trade-in price is $60 (or less), while the average price for an iPhone 6S sold on Swappa is $145.

To be fair, Apple did have a trade-in deal going for a few months (with the release of the iPhone 11 lineup), but only just recently killed the promo, and even further dropped the trade-in value for most of their devices across the board. Meanwhile, Swappa has been making headlines, receiving critical acclaim from outlets like ZDNet, The Verge, LifeHacker, and Android Police as one of the best ways to get the most money for your old tech. So don’t settle with Apple’s paltry trade-in credit — sell that same iPhone, MacBook, iPad, or Apple Watch on Swappa and cash in BIG.

Get the most money for your Apple devices on Swappa

So why would you ever want to receive less for an old iPhone, while at the same time paying more for a brand new iPhone? On Swappa you can also buy iPhones that are no longer sold by Apple. These include devices like the iPhone X, iPhone XS / XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max, or the iPhone 7. Really, the choice is clear: Swappa always gets you more cash for your old iPhone, while also saving you bundles on a gently used models as well. Extra money + bigger savings = 💰.

Ready to sell your old iPhone on Swappa? The good news is creating a listing is free and you can get started right now by hitting the button below. For a detailed walkthrough on selling in our marketplace, make sure you check out our complete Swappa Selling Guide.