How much does it cost to repair an iPhone X screen?

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone X screen?

So it finally happened. You dropped your iPhone X one too many times and now you’ve got a cracked screen. Don’t worry; it happens to almost all of us at some point. With over 50 million cracked screens nationwide per year, chances are that you or someone close to you currently has a phone in need of screen repair. But fear not; a cracked iPhone screen isn’t the end for your device. Read on to find out whether it’s worth it to fix your cracked iPhone X Screen.

How much does iPhone X Screen replacement cost?

The first thing you have to figure out is how much it costs to fix your cracked iPhone. However, determining the exact costs for cracked iPhone screen repair can be a bit tricky. Some shops charge more than others — and sometimes this even varies from region to region!

Let’s start with the Apple Store since that’s one of the most common places people take their cracked iPhones. Apple charges $279 for iPhone X screen replacement. That’s a substantial amount of money, and doesn’t really make sense when you consider that it costs nearly the same as a replacement iPhone X on Swappa. In addition, getting a broken phone fixed at the Apple Store isn’t exactly quick. With fewer than 300 locations spread across the country, you’ll most likely have to wait for a while before you can make an appointment — and that’s before they even get started working on your iPhone.

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Luckily, you have options. Instead of taking your cracked iPhone to the Apple Store, you can get a local repair shop to do the work instead. Not only can a local shop perform similar repairs, but they’re often cheaper too. On average, third-party repair shops charge around $165 to fix a cracked screen on an iPhone X. That’s essentially half of what you’d pay Apple, and it’ll likely be done in a fraction of the time.

Keep in mind that there may be other problems with your iPhone X in addition to the cracked screen, potentially compounding the cost of repair and making it no longer worth it. If you think your phone may have multiple issues, use the Swappa Repair Calculator to figure out approximately how much each repair will cost. But if you’re reasonably confident that only the screen is broken, we think the choice is clear. Find a reputable repair shop near you with the Swappa Repair Network.

Is iPhone X screen repair worth it?

Now that we know how much it costs to fix a cracked iPhone screen, the next thing we have to do is figure out whether screen repair is actually worth it. After all, iPhone X screen replacement only makes sense if it costs less than the price of a replacement phone.

Currently, you can find a used iPhone X on Swappa for as little as $349. As a result, paying $279 to have your phone fixed at the Apple Store doesn’t really make sense — especially if there’s a chance your phone may have other issues in addition to the cracked screen. But since independent repair shops average just $165 to fix a cracked iPhone X screen, repair starts becoming a viable option — at least if you’re sure there isn’t anything else wrong with your phone.

The Swappa Repair Network helps you save on cell phone repair. Our nationwide directory of over 2400 cell phone repair shops connects you with reputable shops near you. And since all stores listed on the Swappa Repair Network offer a 30-day guarantee, you can rest assured that your device will be well taken care of.

Click the button below to figure out how much repair costs for your specific phone and how that stacks up to its current market value. And if your phone has multiple things wrong with it, consider picking up a used iPhone on Swappa instead.