How to Choose the Perfect Used MacBook

How to Choose the Perfect Used MacBook

So you know you want an Apple laptop, but you’re not sure which used MacBook to buy. It’s a common problem among Apple fans, as each model is advantageous to different lifestyles and needs. Use our guide to the three different kinds of MacBooks to determine which one would be the best fit.


For your reference, we’ve broken things down into 5 different categories:

  • Price
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Storage
  • Battery life


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1. Price

As far as cost is concerned, the MacBook Air takes the cake for being the most affordable laptop that Apple has to offer. The original MacBook comes in as a close second, at only $300 more, and the MacBook Pro currently stands as the most expensive Apple laptop.


Air: $999.00 (new) – $375 (used on Swappa)

MacBook: New $1,299.00 (new) – $770 (used on Swappa)

Pro: $1,900.00 (new)  – $500 (used on Swappa)


If you find that even the most affordable option is beyond your budget, save some serious cash by buying gently-used products for a killer price, like a used MacBook Air.


2. Size

One might think that because the MacBook Air is the cheapest option, it would have the smallest screen, but that’s not the case. The MacBook has the smallest screen, and the MacBook Pro has the largest.


Pro: 13.3 inches to 15.4 inches

Air: 13.3 inches

MacBook: 12 inches


3. Weight

Nobody wants to lug around a heavy laptop, and with MacBooks, you won’t have to. All of these laptops are incredibly light, but the MacBook is one of the lightest ultrabooks on the market today. Surprisingly, the MacBook Air falls short of the title by almost a whole pound (which makes it about 3 pounds heavier than air).


MacBook: 2.03 lbs.

Air: 2.96 lbs.

Pro: 4.49 lbs.


4. Battery Life

The MacBook Air offers an impressive 12 hours of consistent battery use before powering down. The MacBook follows with two hours less, and the MacBook Pro takes a very close third.


Air: 12 hours

MacBook: 10 hours

Pro: 9 hours


5. Storage

Once again, the MacBook comes out on top with 256GB of storage. The MacBook Air and the basic MacBook Pro 13 tie for second place, but let’s not forget about the several online storage options that you can take advantage of — iCloud being one of them.


MacBook: 256GB

Air: 128GB

Pro: 128GB


The MacBook Pro also comes in different versions that provide more storage, but they aren’t cheap.


Which MacBook is Right for You?

When it comes to the MacBooks, there is no right or wrong choice. All three laptops provide quality performance for different lifestyles. The MacBook you choose will have to depend on your individual preferences, needs, and situation. If you’re a budget-bound student who needs to carry your laptop all over campus, the MacBook Air was made for you. If you need a laptop with more to offer, then you’ll find the most use in the Pro.

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