Is Apple’s new iPhone trade in promotion a good value?

Is Apple’s new iPhone trade in promotion a good value?

Millions of people already know that Swappa is the best place to get the most cash for your old tech. This is especially true when it comes to trading your old phone in with online trade-in services or local carrier stores who act as a middleman, giving you the lowest possible value to flip your stuff for profit. Every once in awhile, a special “limited time” promotion comes around to sweeten the deal but in most cases, these typically still don’t measure up to the value you get when selling directly to buyers in the Swappa marketplace.


What is Apple’s latest trade-in promotion?

One of the latest trade-in deals you may have heard about is the new Apple GiveBack promo which looks to boost the trade-in value for your old iPhone when upgrading to a new iPhone XS or iPhone XR. Some suspect the move was due to the price of new iPhones hitting an all-time high (pro tip: get lower prices by buying used iPhones on Swappa) so Apple is hoping to entice holdouts by dangling this carrot on a stick. The question is whether or not this new Apple trade-in promotion is actually worth it? That’s something we hope to get to the bottom of in this post.

Heading over to the Apple GiveBack page, you’ll notice they only show you the price of a new iPhone XS or XR after trade-in (assuming it’s still in good condition). Let’s take a look at the actual trade-in value you get when handing over your old iPhone to Apple and how it compares to other trade-in values from other retailers. This will help give you a better idea of how much your iPhone is actually worth and decide whether it’s worth trading in, or if you could much more selling your old iPhone on Swappa.


How much is your iPhone actually worth?

Apple Apple (w/promo) Swappa Swappa Difference
iPhone X (64GB) $450 $450 $695 +$245
iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) $350 $350 $558 +$208
iPhone 8 (64GB) $275 $300 $484 +$184
iPhone 7 Plus (32GB) $250 $300 $370 +$70
iPhone 7 (32GB) $175 $250 $287 +$37
iPhone 6S Plus (16GB) $150 $250 $268 +$18
iPhone 6S (16GB) $100 $200 $191 -$9
iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) $100 $200 $199 -$1
iPhone 6 (16GB) $75 $150 $152 +$2

(Apple trade-in subject to carrier activation charges)

As you can see, Swappa gives you a lot more for newer iPhone models like the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus — which don’t even receive a trade-in bonus — as well as the smaller iPhone 8. However, Apple’s new trade-in promotion does start to even things out around the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus and older which means it’s up to you to figure out what’s worth your time and effort.


Why pay full price?

One thing to ask yourself when considering Apple’s trade-in deal is why you’d want less for a newer trade-in, while at the same time paying more for a brand new iPhone? On Swappa you get you more cash for your old iPhone and you save bundles by buying a gently used model as well. For lots of folks, they don’t even need all the bells and whistles of the latest iPhones (that’s what may have sparked this promotion to begin with) and that’s totally reasonable.


Buy iPhones no longer sold by Apple

Swappa has just about every generation of iPhone available, allowing you to find one that suits your needs and your budget. Why get a mid-range iPhone XR for $749 when an iPhone X on Swappa starts at $610 and used iPhone prices are always falling. It’s also the best place to find discontinued iPhone models like the iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, 256GB iPhone 7/7 Plus, as well as the iPhone X.

Should you decide to take advantage of Apple’s limited time trade-in deal, don’t worry — we won’t hold it against you. Millions of people already know Swappa is the best place for selling their used tech online but there are still those that haven’t been reached. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or co worker, feel free to pass along this post so they have a better idea of what their old iPhone is actually worth.

Time to sell your old iPhone on Swappa? The good news is creating a listing is free and you can get started right now by hitting the button below. For a detailed walkthrough on selling with Swappa, make sure you check out our complete Selling Guide.



Updated on January 15, 2019 • On Apple