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Swappa Monthly Report: December 2013

Photo by Phillip Artisanbread

This is the December 2013 edition of the Swappa Monthly Report. Without further ado...

Hot Right Now

This is the December 2013 edition of the Swappa Monthly Report. Without further ado…

The Top 5

The top-selling devices for the month of December on Swappa:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S 4 (Verizon) – average sale price: $386
  2. Nexus 4 (Unlocked) – average sale price: $219
  3. Nexus 5 (Unlocked) – average sale price: $389
  4. Samsung Galaxy S III (Verizon) – average sale price: $237
  5. Apple iPhone 4S (Verizon) – average sale price: $218

Swappa Top 5 Dec 13

The top selling device for the month was the Samsung Galaxy S 4 (Verizon). The SGS4 for Verizon has been one of the best-selling devices for the past 6 months, as has it’s predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S III (Verizon).

In December Nexus 4 (Unlocked) and Nexus 5 (Unlocked) sales remained strong. This follows November where the release of the Nexus 5 meant strong sales for the Nexus 4 and 5 on Swappa, from people replacing their devices and people flipping new devices, respectively.

A bit of a surprise is #5 on the list, the Apple iPhone 4S (Verizon). The iPhone 4S is over two years old (released in October 2011) and still selling for over $200 on average.

Interesting Price Similarities

Something we found interesting was the closeness of average sale prices for some of the devices. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the Nexus 5 are both very similar in average price: $386 vs. $389. Does this seem about right for two of the best Android phones on the market?

The average sale price for the Nexus 4 and the iPhone 4S were also very close: $219 vs. $218. The Nexus 4, released in November 2012, was the flagship Android device until the end of October 2013. The Apple 4S hasn’t been the latest iPhone since September 2012 when the iPhone 5 was released. There are a lot of possible conclusions, but mine is that Android just gets you more value.

We’ll keep doing these every month, so let us know what else you’d like to see.

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