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+1 rating by David H. on Oct 03, 2019:

Great transaction. Shipped quickly, packed well and phone was as described.

+1 rating by Noah E. on Oct 02, 2019:

Fast shipping, accurate description, excellent seller.

+1 rating by Antonio T. on Sep 20, 2019:


+1 rating by Alex T on Jul 08, 2019:

As described, fast shipping.

+1 rating by Nick B. on May 09, 2019:

The camera was exactly as described. Communication was excellent as well. Thank you again!

+1 rating by 89Rex on Mar 26, 2019:

Amazing seller and solid product very trust worthy and reliable. Looking forward to doing business with him again in the future!!

+1 rating by Mark W. on Mar 19, 2019:

Came right away. Got exactly what I was promised.

+1 rating by Stephanie L. on Jan 16, 2019:

Thank you!

-1 rating by HiTech on Dec 17, 2018:

Terrible experience, worst one I have had after several smooth transactions here. Seller would not acknowledge that they sent me a poorly refurbished phone. They never mentioned in the listing that it was repaired/refurbished. The screen was clearly lifting away from the housing which is exactly how I received it. They denied it even after I sent them pictures of the phone next to the exact same model phone showing the difference. This was not a cheap purchase either and it was listed as “good” so I wasn’t expecting it to have structural issues. The phone I purchased from them was an IP68 waterproof phone, and with the poor refurbishment there was no chance of it still being waterproof. On top of all of this, they literally took over a week to resolve the issue. Complete hassle and waste of time. I will not buy from them ever again. If you are looking for a smooth sale I suggest you find a different Swappa seller.

TL;DR: Avoid this seller

rating by Matt I. on Oct 03, 2018:

This device came exactly as described. Very pleased!

rating by Asif M. on Sep 13, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Brandon H. on Sep 11, 2018:

Fantastic seller. Fast shipping, and quick response time. Breath of fresh air compared to some sellers. TY

+1 rating by onlytony441 on Jul 15, 2018:

Good laptop

rating by Storm D. on Jun 23, 2018:

Fast shipping, great device! Thank you

rating by vara prasad reddy j. on Jun 19, 2018:

Very satisfied. Product as described.

+1 rating by Justin C. on Jun 14, 2018:

no complaints

+1 rating by Alex C. on Jun 01, 2018:

Although the charger got lost. Everything is as described.

rating by tumerojefe y. on May 26, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

+1 rating by RichardNixon on May 19, 2018:

Item arrived exactly as described, and well packaged. Overall a great transaction and experience, plus they answered all questions really quickly.

rating by Digesh K. on May 16, 2018:

Power cable was NOT the original one and that's why 4 stars, the sale was listed with all the original items and that wasn't the case.

rating by Stephen P. on Apr 25, 2018:

Wanted to say I LOVE my Pixel 2 XL, was sent as described without any issues. Appreciate the prompt replies and great product.

rating by Mike C. on Apr 24, 2018:

Quick and easy service. No issues. Seller was very prompt. I would easily recommend this seller to anyone!

rating by on Apr 23, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Joshua M. on Apr 22, 2018:

Prompt shipment, device was as listed. Solid sale.

rating by César N. on Apr 11, 2018:

Excelent seller

rating by KCAnnArbor on Apr 07, 2018:

Great item. Fast shipping. Solid seller.

rating by jaime S. on Apr 07, 2018:

Everything was perfect thank you!

rating by okanthetokan on Mar 31, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Branden M. on Mar 30, 2018:

Shipped quickly and device and accessories were exactly as described. Thanks!

rating by Hoang V. on Mar 14, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

+1 rating by Victor J. on Mar 05, 2018:

Great seller. Will definitely buy from him again. Highly recommend. Thanks.

rating by Andrew C. on Jan 25, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by gershom w. on Dec 27, 2017:

Item has 2 minor scratches, functions like new. Fast shipping, secure packing, great price. I would buy from this vendor again with no hesitation.

rating by Michael T. on Dec 14, 2017:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Alvaro M. on Dec 12, 2017:

Awesome seller! The watch was shipped fast and was in the condition it was described as. I would buy from this seller again.

rating by Carter D. on Dec 01, 2017:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Your Drunken Mom on Nov 28, 2017:

Accurate listing description. Very well taken care of device. Fast shipping.

+1 rating by Chaitresh S. on Nov 26, 2017:

Prompt responses and shipping. Product as advertised. Very satisfied with the transaction.

rating by Angel Aguilar on Nov 14, 2017:


rating by Antonio G. on Nov 13, 2017:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Thurston D. on Nov 03, 2017:

Fast shipping and the item is as described

rating by Sridhar S. on Oct 23, 2017:

iPad as described. Very smooth transaction; no issues

rating by David H. on Oct 19, 2017:

Excellent seller with prompt response and shipping.

rating by Roger S. on Oct 17, 2017:

Appreciate the fast shipping. Phone received was in the condition as described. A trusted seller. AT&T tells the phone is ready to be activated. I giving the phone as a gift in a couple of weeks. Thank you

rating by Akeem C. on Oct 17, 2017:

It has a dent at the top but nevertheless it’s working great and just as expected..

rating by Timothy P. on Oct 07, 2017:

Product was listed as mint - there were scuffs and small scratches on screen.. Nothing totally horrible just think seller should take time to list these things when selling device.

Device works well and no issues with it.

rating by Jose L. on Oct 07, 2017:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Antonio S. on Sep 23, 2017:

Laptop exactly as described, quick shipping. Could have cleaned the laptop had a lot of dirty spots all over. Overall I am satisfied, thank you.

rating by Silvia P. on Sep 21, 2017:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Gabe L. on Sep 15, 2017:

Very professional and quick. Would recommend to others. Thank you!