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Minneapolis, Minnesota US

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    • +1 rating by Nick B. on May 09, 2019:

      The camera was exactly as described. Communication was excellent as well. Thank you again!

      +1 rating by 89Rex on Mar 26, 2019:

      Amazing seller and solid product very trust worthy and reliable. Looking forward to doing business with him again in the future!!

      +1 rating by Mark W. on Mar 19, 2019:

      Came right away. Got exactly what I was promised.

      -1 rating by HiTech on Dec 17, 2018:

      Terrible experience, worst one I have had after several smooth transactions here. Seller would not acknowledge that they sent me a poorly refurbished phone. They never mentioned in the listing that it was repaired/refurbished. The screen was clearly lifting away from the housing which is exactly how I received it. They denied it even after I sent them pictures of the phone next to the exact same model phone showing the difference. This was not a cheap purchase either and it was listed as “good” so I wasn’t expecting it to have structural issues. The phone I purchased from them was an IP68 waterproof phone, and with the poor refurbishment there was no chance of it still being waterproof. On top of all of this, they literally took over a week to resolve the issue. Complete hassle and waste of time. I will not buy from them ever again. If you are looking for a smooth sale I suggest you find a different Swappa seller. TL;DR: Avoid this seller

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