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+1 rating by KxxxB on Jun 21, 2021:

Phone as advertised. I'm happy.

+1 rating by Manuel V. on Jun 09, 2021:


+1 rating by Kay L. on Jun 02, 2021:


+1 rating by jeremy h. on May 30, 2021:


+1 rating by Bronwen P. on May 21, 2021:


+1 rating by calbert w. on May 18, 2021:

received as described

+1 rating by Joshua F. on May 07, 2021:

The product seems to match the description as listed. Thanks so much.

+1 rating by Chris S. on Apr 21, 2021:


+1 rating by Rachel F. on Apr 21, 2021:

Wonderful,. Thank you!

+1 rating by Veronica M. on Apr 05, 2021:

This was an amazing sale. Thank you.

(0) rating by Rich K. on Apr 03, 2021:


+1 rating by James H. on Mar 31, 2021:

The phone seemed brand new and came with a new charger, box, and pamphlets. Couldn't have found a better deal!

+1 rating by Jef V. on Mar 31, 2021:

The phone came in the mint condition - which to me, means in brand new condition, but in an opened box. It arrived within 2-3 days as expected. I'm very happy with my purchase.

+1 rating by Keron R. on Mar 31, 2021:

It is a great phone!!!

+1 rating by Michelle C. on Mar 30, 2021:

Very happy! Completely Mint except for a tiny bit of purple screen burn/issues/something weird that I don't even notice unless the screen is on but black.

Forgot this wasn't a US phone until I saw the charger I couldn't use. Then I picked up the outer packaging mailer and realized this seller included an adapter so I could use the super-mega-ultra WARP charger.


Thank you!

+1 rating by Conrad C. on Mar 29, 2021:

Fast shipping and product met my expectations based on the listing description. Thank you.

+1 rating by Chris S. on Mar 22, 2021:

Product as described, great seller!

+1 rating by Michael L. on Mar 22, 2021:

Great seller!

+1 rating by Nicholas J. on Mar 20, 2021:

Item arrived as described and in a timely manor.

+1 rating by Bronwen P. on Mar 19, 2021:

This one works, thanks!

+1 rating by Daniel A. on Mar 18, 2021:

good customer service on a refunded I appreciate it

(0) rating by John M. on Mar 16, 2021:

Shipping error and poor customer service follow up.
Took almost 2 weeks to get charger situation straightened out.

+1 rating by Varun S. on Mar 16, 2021:

New as described

+1 rating by Shanique W. on Mar 15, 2021:

Months later and still great!

+1 rating by Brittany D. on Mar 13, 2021:

Phone works great, thanks!

+1 rating by Scott H. on Mar 13, 2021:

Fast delivery, phone in great shape! Thanks.

+1 rating by Alexander H. on Mar 12, 2021:

Phone definitely seemed new and works fine.

+1 rating by Jonathan L. on Mar 10, 2021:

as advertised

+1 rating by M J. on Mar 10, 2021:

Delivered on time. Phone is mint condition.

+1 rating by Chaddles on Mar 09, 2021:

I would definitely recommend, and do business with again!

+1 rating by LadyDi M on Mar 08, 2021:

For an item box, this arrived near pristine. Few dust bunnies on the phone itself but the dual screen accessory had never been opened. Not seller's fault that package took so long to arrive. Would use seller again if needed. Thank you.

+1 rating by Chris Matthews on Mar 08, 2021:

Great seller, fast shipping!

+1 rating by Michele H. on Mar 05, 2021:

Thank you for your help with the software updates, etc. Good service, nice phone!

+1 rating by Christopher A. on Mar 04, 2021:

So far so good! Needed a reset before I could get any of the radios to work; but since then has been flawless. Thanks!

+1 rating by travis M. on Mar 04, 2021:


+1 rating by Devin W. on Mar 03, 2021:

Item as described, fast shipping.

+1 rating by Cedric O. on Mar 02, 2021:

Thanks TWC. You all have been great through this process.

(0) rating by MICKEY on Mar 01, 2021:

Negative phone .. Need return it back and refund thanks

+1 rating by Aaron S. on Mar 01, 2021:

As advertised! Completely satisfied.

+1 rating by Adrienne S. on Feb 27, 2021:

Shipped quickly and arrived in condition stated.

+1 rating by Tim P. on Feb 23, 2021:

Fast shipping and came in perfect condition.

+1 rating by Ian A. on Feb 23, 2021:

Sorry it took long for me to mark as complete. I have received all ordered items and the phone arrived in expected condition.

(0) rating by Alexander V. on Feb 21, 2021:

Seller cancel order

+1 rating by Melinda M. on Feb 21, 2021:

Been using this phone for 2 years now and it still works great.

+1 rating by april s. on Feb 20, 2021:

Thank you! Great phone. Quick service. Made a great birthday gift!

+1 rating by Asking D. on Feb 19, 2021:

Received and works as advertised

+1 rating by Robert J. on Feb 19, 2021:

Wonderful seller!!! Highly recommended.

+1 rating by Joe W. on Feb 18, 2021:

As described

+1 rating by Michael E. on Feb 18, 2021:

Great phone! Fast shipping!

+1 rating by James B. on Feb 17, 2021:

Great customer Service!

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