Reducing risks with Swappa

Here's a few reasons why we think it's better to sell your gently used Android device with Swappa over eBay (or other online classifieds)...

Swappa is a marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers. Buying devices via Swappa does involve some risk, as does buying anything online.

Swappa cannot guarantee the devices sold by sellers are as described. However, if a seller sells a device with a bad ESN, cracked screen, water damage, or other undescribed problem then they've violated Swappa's terms of service and sold an item fraudulently. You, the buyer, now have recourse, via PayPal's buyer protection plan, to get your money back.

Recommendations for buying...

  • Look for listings with pictures uploaded and comments from the seller.
  • Before you buy, leave a comment or question on the page and look for a reasonably quick response from the seller.
  • Don't buy listings that are too good to be true. They probably are. (For instance, nobody will be selling a brand new, un-boxed Galaxy Nexus for half price. It's a scam.)
  • Immediately after buying a listing, leave another comment or question for the seller. Again, look for a quick response.
  • If you see a deal you are suspicious of ask Swappa to investigate.

How is Swappa different?

All listings on Swappa meet the following criteria (according to the Seller):

  • All devices are fully functional
  • All devices have clean ESN/MEIDs (have not been reported lost or stolen) and are ready for activation
  • All devices are free of water damage and screen cracks

If you buy a device on Swappa with a bad ESN, cracked screen, or water damage then the seller has violated Swappa Terms of Use and acted fraudulently, giving you, the buyer, recourse.

The difference between Swappa and alternatives is that other services don't have any rules against selling junk devices (Swappa does). And other services don't necessarily require disclosure of damage or state of the ESN (if a seller doesn't reveal that information, then it's the buyer's responsibility to ask).

A buyer on Swappa could still get cheated as they could on eBay or another service. The difference is that with Swappa the burden is on the seller to act fraudulently to do it, rather than the burden being on the buyer to make sure they ask all the right questions. And if a seller acts fraudulently the buyer legitimate recourse through the payment provider.

PayPal helps protect you (really)

PayPal has extensive (and free) protections for buyers and sellers that automatically apply to most Swappa transactions.

PayPal Buyer Protection

PayPal Seller Protection