Protections and Safety for buyers and sellers

If you've ever bought a used phone on eBay or Craigslist then you know it can be risky. Swappa exists to make buying a used phone safe.

Marketplace Moderation protection from wannabe scammers

Swappa is a human-powered marketplace. We have a team of mobile experts and enthusiasts monitoring the site, literally 24/7/365, working to keep things safe and smooth. Our staff reviews and must approve each and every listing before it becomes eligible for sale.

  • All listings are reviewed and approved by our expert staff
  • Only gently used, ready to activate devices allowed
  • We fight fraud so you don’t have to

PayPal Protections payment security for buyers and sellers

Swappa uses PayPal to provide secure payments for an easy buying and selling experience. For buyers PayPal keeps your financial information safe and ensures you get what you pay for, or a refund. For sellers PayPal ensures you get paid fast and easy.

  • Pay sellers directly using PayPal
  • Extensive buyer and seller protections
  • Get your money faster & easier

Protection Plans for accidental drops and spills

Statistics say 30% of all Swappa users will break their device at some point. Swappa offers the opportunity to buy a Protection Plan at the time you purchase a used phone. Smartphone repair can be expensive. Protect your investment and save money when accidents happen.

  • Pays for repairs, including parts and labor
  • Fixes screens, water damage, power surges
  • Protection up to the full value of your device
  • Protect your newish phone »

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