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Get your Apple iPhone Xs repaired locally. Whether cracked glass, screen replacement, battery problems, or water damage, Swappa can help you find your best repair option at a reasonable cost.

How much does it cost to fix an iPhone Xs?

Diagnostic Service

$14 avg

A professional technician performing a diagnostic test can best determine which repair services your phone may need. Diagnostic services are often free.

Screen Replacement


Broken glass and other screen problems make your phone difficult to use. Cracked glass can even be dangerous. Screen repair or replacement is a high priority fix.

Battery Replacement


Short battery life? Cell phone batteries will degrade over time and result in less battery life. Replacing your phone's battery can make it last longer and give it more longevity.

Camera Repair


Cracked camera lens? A broken camera can seriously reduce the functionality of your mobile device, ruining your photos and selfies. Repair costs for front and back cameras can vary.

Speaker Replacement


Phones have multiple speakers. The internal speaker is for calls and external speakers are for when your phone rings or listening to music. If you can't hear sound, it may be a hardware problem.

Charger Port Repair


Phone won't charge? Charging ports are easy to damage with constant connecting and disconnecting of a power cord. If your phone isn't charging correctly, it may need a repair.

Water Damage

$91 avg

Phone take a dip in the pool, or the toilet? If your phone got wet or submerged it could have internal water damage. Most home "remedies" can actually make the problem worse; consult a professional.

Power Button


Trouble turning your phone on and off could be due to a broken power button. Power buttons can become defective from repetitive use or when the phone is dropped or otherwise damaged.

Headphone Jack

$73 avg

If the sound from your headphones is hissing, crackling, fading, or silent, then your headphone jack may not be working. If it's not the volume setting or the headphones, then a repair may be needed.

Common iPhone Xs Repair Questions

Where can I get an iPhone Xs screen replacement?

If your iPhone Xs has a cracked screen or suffers from other screen-related issues such as a blank screen or a frozen screen, you should look for a repair shop to get your iPhone checked. You can find a trusted local repair shop using the Swappa Repair Network. A trusted repair shop will be able to diagnose your phone and provide you with an estimate showing the iPhone Xs screen replacement cost before the screen repair work begins. The local repair shops found in the Swappa Repair Network all offer at least a 30-day guarantee on the work they do, and can often get your screen repaired while you wait.

Can I sell my iPhone Xs on Swappa?

Swappa is the best place to sell your old phone. Sellers pay less in fees and you get the best deal when you sell it to another buyer. We only accept fully functioning phones. Learn more about our requirements and sell with Swappa.

Is it worth it to repair my iPhone Xs?

This depends! For devices released in the last year or so, the cost of repairing a single aspect usually doesn't compare to the cost of the phone itself, so they'll get their screen replaced or charging port fixed without much hesitation. However, users of older phones can find that their money can go further in the Swappa marketplace, where you can always find great prices on new-to-you devices.

How long does it take to repair a iPhone Xs?

Repair times vary by the type of repair and if the store has the parts in stock. A repair shop will diagnose your issue and common issues like a cracked screen may only take a few hours to fix. Find repair shops near you with the Swappa Repair Network and ask the repair shop how long the repair will take.

What questions should I ask a repair shop?

It's important to describe what's wrong, giving the exact model number and, storage capacity. Ask the repair shop how long the repair will take and how long the local shop's guarantee works. To be eligible for the Swappa Repair Network, the shop must offer at least a 30-day-guarantee. Be prepared to back up your phone and know you will need to give your password or PIN code so repair shops can perform a diagnostic and verify functionality after the repair.

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