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Swappa is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to improve the process of buying and selling used tech. You asked and we listened by adding Next-Day Local Pickup and Delivery in 43 metros and a Buy Now, Pay Later payment option so you can get what you really want and pay for it in 4 easy installments. But we're not stopping there!

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Hello Swappa forum world. I would like to see forums divided out to particular devices such as "Motorola / Verizon phones" ... "Galaxy ATT phones" ... or "Apple iphones Verizon" etc. Also... more specific forum threads that handle "data transfer" when buying a different phone. The transfer process can be not-so-hard OR extremely difficult with lots of issues depending on phone, carrier, multiple cloud options, multiple transfer apps..... which is more seamless for my particular situation? SWAPPA help in this area would put you WAY ABOVE what is available out there. My recent experience proved that Apple local and phone techs, first levels, were not able to solve and throughout the process, I would learn that a transfer from google to apple, or apple to google should AUTOMATICALLY place you with high level techs... it doesn't. SWAPPA needs to provide that expert tech service because it would fill a void. Each entity blamed (in a nice way) the other for why something wouldn't work... I kept getting handed back and forth between carrier and Apple and they even had me work with my internet provider even though there was nothing wrong with my high speed excellent signal. Just saying.... SWAPPA... go for it. Be the best transfer tech help out there. ... still resolving glitches with this iphone 12 pro max purchased in January.


Your switch game list hasn't updated for over half of a year. Games are missing. If a game is not on your list, we sellers can't do anything. Fix this please.

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Will Verduzco

Thank you for the suggestions, everyone!

As for the Nintendo Switch games: If you'd like to see something added to Swappa, please reach out to Swappa's Help Desk and let our product team know about which games and accessories (or anything else) you'd like added to our product catalog!


Hello wonderful site, but I would like to see more laptop options, like to sell my laptop but can't find the exact model, other than that wonderful job Guys

  1. Display the last couple of comments on the main page. That way I would know that someone else replied after I posted my message/query to the seller.
  2. An option for the seller to set an agreed price with a specific buyer which should be only visible to that particular buyer for a set amount of time (determined by seller). The original listing should still be live so other buyers can buy at the originally listed price if interested. This would avoid - a. Some other buyer swooping in on a particular buyer's deal. b. Seller can ignore buyers that are trying to lower the price and not willing to actually purchase (I see a lot of such comments from buyers these days). If after the set time limit, the buyer doesnt buy the product, then this buyer can be considered either a lowballer or a person trying to just reduce the price but not interested in buying or someone that has bought elsewhere. The seller should not entertain any further offers from this specific buyer.
  3. There also seems an issue with subscribing to comments - I am not receiving notifications or there is a delay (receiving notification of a reply after the product is sold). And no, messages are not getting lost/directed to my spam folder. Please look into this.

I have lost several deals wherein another buyer bought soon after the seller lowered the price for me.

WeBuyPhones on Swappa

Hey Swappa team!

Thank you for the opportunity.

As an international buyer its very difficult sometimes to convince sellers that you are a legitimate buyer who is using a forwarding address and not trying to scam them.

I think what would help is to have a rating system in place for buyers just like sellers have where they get rated. This will definitely give sellers the confidence to go ahead with the sale.

The other thing which might be a long shot to be honest, is to have verified or trusted buyer tag for certified buyers just like some sellers.

Thank you and appreciate your support!


Please bring back the counter that shows the number of views of a listing. This information is useful for sellers as a factor in determining when to reduce the price.

Alex K. on Swappa
Alex K.

Completely agree with a previous poster. I've been trying to find the number of views and it is not there anymore. Did you remove the stats on purpose?

Rafael R. on Swappa
Rafael R.

Make comments easily visible as before, is hassle having to click on a link to see a reply.


I think it would be a good idea to sell phone parts tablet parts computer parts etc

Joey e. on Swappa
Joey e.

Everyone left, you let shops over run swappa with no question support. You destroyed what swappa was.


Hi Joey e,

The only listings that you can't post comments on are the listings by businesses. This is only due to the sheer amount of devices they sell. You can still ask any other seller a question using the comments, same as always.

As always, we welcome your feedback and we're always trying to make Swappa a better place for buyers and sellers.

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