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S F. on Swappa
S F. asks:

Dear Swappa, There are lots of posts like mine in forums/Oculus/Quest and they all await clearance from moderator to become …

S F. on Swappa
S F. says:

Dear sellers, From personal observation and actual discussion with other buyers, I can tell you the #1 question we want …

Craig C. on Swappa
Craig C. says:

I’m getting email questions and cannot see these comments on my listing. Am I missing something, or are these comments …

Anonymous says:

my question is, for the Swappa team, why can't sell and buy headphones?

Edward S. on Swappa
Edward S. says:

I have purchased an iMac from a seller on your site. The iMac has an unremovable MDM Profile and is …

John Q. on Swappa
John Q. says:

I am being told that I am needing to follow up with an open question to get my listing active …

Charles R. on Swappa
Charles R. asks:

Is there a way to see only individuals selling phones. I like to have a dialog with the seller before …

Victor C. on Swappa
Victor C. says:

I'm not receiving any responses or from support...

The phone was delivered today (yesterday now) although after taking it out …

Bryan S. on Swappa
Bryan S. says:

I just had one of your mods remove my question about local pickup of the item as the seller is …

Robert G. on Swappa
Robert G. says:

Not really understanding the focus on selling by carrier. Here's a few facts to support this.

Most manufacturers are not …

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