Repair Network Spotlight: Batteries Plus Bulbs

Repair Network Spotlight: Batteries Plus Bulbs

You may know Swappa as a great place to buy newish tech, for example when you need to replace a broken phone. Did you know Swappa can also help you locate a trusted, local repair shop? With more than 2,400 total repair shops listed in the Swappa Repair Network, including many Batteries Plus Bulbs locations, you should not have trouble finding a repair shop near where you live or work. Batteries Plus Bulbs, in particular, have more than 725 shops spread across the country.

Who is Batteries Plus Bulbs

Batteries Plus Bulbs as we know it today dates back to 2014 when the company first began offering repair services for smartphones and tablets. However, the history of the company originally dates back to 1988. At that time the company was known as Batteries Plus. The Bulbs portion of the name arrived in 2010 when the company added light bulls to the product line.

Why should you choose Batteries Plus Bulbs

Finding a shop that is close to where you live or work and that can offer a fast turnaround on the repair is equally important. Batteries Plus Bulbs has more than 725 shops spread across the United States, which gets you to a good starting point, however, there are a few additional benefits involved. Other key benefits of choosing Batteries Plus Bulbs includes:

  • Free diagnostics: Some issues, such as a cracked screen are easy to see, but some other issues may not be as obvious. Batteries Plus Bulbs will diagnose your phone or tablet for free. The diagnostics help to ensure the issue gets correct, and that only the parts causing the problem are replaced. They also run the same diagnostics after the repair has been completed to make sure all issues have been resolved.
  • 6-month nationwide warranty: Batteries Plus Bulbs offers a performance guarantee, which is an extensive 6-month warranty on all parts and workmanship. If you bring your device in for repair, and later discover the issue hasn’t been fully resolved, Batteries Plus Bulbs will cover the repair under that warranty.
  • Fast repair: Repair times can vary based on how busy the shop may be at the time you visit and based on the issue you are experiencing, but Batteries Plus Bulbs has said they are able to complete most repairs in under one hour.
  • CTIA certified: In November 2019 Batteries Plus Bulbs became the first enterprise-level retailer to be recognized under the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) WISE (Wireless Industry Service Excellence) program. Batteries Plus Bulbs has said they began certifying techs in November 2019, and they “will continue to have all of our techs complete the WISE certification moving forward.”

Batteries Plus Bulbs also offers business accounts for businesses of all sizes. Perks of a business account include a dedicated sales rep, as well as on-site assessments, customized solutions based on your business needs, volume pricing, battery testing, recycling services, fast local delivery, and more.

What services does Batteries Plus Bulbs offer

Batteries Plus Bulbs can repair your Apple iPhone, as well as many models from Samsung, Google, and other manufacturers. Phone and tablet services include repairs for cracked screens, and replacing your old and worn-out batteries. You can also get other issues resolved such as damaged charging ports, speakers, buttons, headphone jacks, built-in cameras, and water damage. They are even able to install a quality screen protector to help protect your screen from future damage. On the laptop side, you can visit a Batteries Plus Bulbs location to get a new battery or a new charger.

Along with the phone and tablet repair services, Batteries Plus Bulbs touts having access to more than 60,000 types of batteries, light bulbs, and accessories, which means they have “the widest selection of battery and light bulb products available.” The battery selection includes everything from the common AA and AAA sizes to the specialty batteries for things like watches and thermometers. You can also grab a new battery for your motorcycle, golf cart, boat, or your car or truck. Batteries Plus Bulbs also offers key fob replacements, accessories for your phone, and more.

Where can you find Batteries Plus Bulbs

Batteries Plus Bulbs has more than 725 locations across the country, so on the simplest level, you should be able to easily find a location that is local to where you live or work. From the Swappa Repair Network, you can begin your search using your zip code or city. This will help you locate the Batteries Plus Bulbs locations that are closest to your location. Once you’ve located the shop you are planning to visit, you can click on the name and be taken to the business profile page.

On a basic level, the details found on the Swappa Repair Network profile pages will include the repair shops contact information such as the telephone number and email address. You’ll also be able to find the address, get directions, and also get a link to the Batteries Plus Bulbs website where you can find additional information about that specific location.

Using the Clearwater, Florida location as an example, clicking through to the Batteries Plus Bulbs website will provide you with further details on that specific store, such as the business hours and telephone number. You can also get started on scheduling your phone repair using the “Schedule My Phone Repair” link.

The website will guide you through the process, which begins with selecting the model phone you have, and what you need to be fixed. Going through this process will help you to get an idea of the cost and the Batteries Plus Bulbs website has pricing information for many common repairs. For example, a charging port replacement on an iPhone Xr will run you $89.99, a rear-camera replacement will run you $119.99, and a screen replacement will run you $149.99. Of course, if your phone just isn’t right and you are not sure what is causing the problem, you can also visit the shop to get a free diagnostic.

When can you get service from Batteries Plus Bulbs

Store hours can vary slightly from location to location, however, you will find that many Batteries Plus Bulbs locations are open 7-days a week, which should help make it easy to schedule a repair. Given the hours can vary, we recommend double-checking with the specific location you plan to visit.

Similarly, the repair time can also vary depending on what needs to be fixed. Batteries Plus Bulbs has said that most repairs can be completed in about an hour, but more complicated issues may take additional time. And if the store is particularly busy when you visit, that may also mean the repair may take longer than an hour or so. Just like double-checking the store hours, we also recommend you inquire and check to see how long they estimate to complete your repair.


Batteries Plus Bulbs is touted as being a nationwide leader in the tablet and smartphone repair industry. With perks such as fast repair times, free diagnostics, and a 6-month nationwide warranty you should be able to move forward with confidence. And don’t forget, Batteries Plus Bulbs also has the WISE certification from the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA), which means they have professionally trained and certified technicians.

If you have a phone or tablet that needs repair, you can begin your search for a trusted local Batteries Plus Bulbs location by tapping the green button below.