Press Release: Join the Swappa Repair Network

Press Release: Join the Swappa Repair Network

Join the Swappa Repair Network, Increase Your Visibility

Swappa recently announced open registration for membership in the Swappa Repair Network. Swappa is a marketplace for buying and selling gently used phones, with over one million monthly users. Until very recently, Swappa did not offer viable solutions for consumers with broken phones.

Statistically, over 30% of Swappa’s user base will have a broken phone or cracked screen in their buying and selling lifecycle. To better serve its audience and to foster its growing relationship with repair shops, Swappa introduced the Swappa Repair Network late last fall as an early beta.

Swappa’s Director of Business Development, Ward Johnsmeyer, sees the ability for repair shops to be found locally right at the point of consideration to be the biggest selling point for the program. Johnsmeyer says, “Swappa’s goal is to provide quick, easy solutions to meet all of our user’s needs… buying, selling and fixing their phones. Many consumers don’t realize that their broken devices may still have value, and we want to we help with that awareness.”

Users love Swappa because they find the process to be easy and straightforward. The Repair Network is built to be the same way. Users are prompted to ‘find a repair shop near me’ by searching by zip code, city, or address.

Example Swappa Repair Network

Repair shops can join the Swappa Repair Network for a monthly subscription cost of $25 per location. The cost for entry is low and can easily be recouped with a single lead.

Features & Benefits

  • Exposure to Swappa’s audience for repair and buyback
  • Customizable store page for every location with a link to your website from Swappa
  • Monthly user activity statistics

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Must have at least one retail location, may not operate out of a residence or non-retail location (no exceptions)
  • A minimum 30-day warranty on all repairs is required
  • Verifiable business name, US address, phone number, and web presence

Store owners will have a private login account to view activity, make updates to listings, and to receive lead communications.

Repair shops wishing to join the Swappa Repair Network can easily do so on the Swappa website where they will create a new location listing for all applicable stores.

About Swappa:

Swappa is a user-to-user marketplace for buying and selling gently used smartphones and tablets. As a human-powered marketplace, Swappa is designed for safety and simplicity. It is always free to sell and only fully-functioning, activation-ready devices are allowed to on Swappa. For more information, please visit Swappa’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram.