Join the Swappa Repair Network

Join the Swappa Repair Network

We are excited to re-introduce the Swappa Repair Network. It’s free to join with no cost to US repair shops and is an additional opportunity for retail locations to get more exposure to Swappa’s 1M+ monthly visitors. This service allows users to easily find local repair options and pricing to fix broken devices.

We’re relaunching the program, originally started in 2017, with free listings, a better user experience, bigger marketing initiatives, and more content to help educate users about phone repair. Many Swappa visitors come to us because they have a broken device and don’t realize that repair is a cost-effective option, often cheaper than replacing their phone. Finding a local repair shop through the Swappa Repair Network can help them extend the life of their device and save money.

How is it different from the old program?

It’s now free! Repair shops can join the Swappa Repair Network and get listed in our directory for free. You get access to user stats and can customize your location’s listing. That means you can add images of your store, your website, a description of your business, and edit your offered services. Think of the customized listing as another way to make your business stand out to users.

It’s fast to join. We’ve made improvements to the registration and listing process, making it easier for you to get listed. It’s also easy to claim your location or reactivate your listing if it was canceled or expired.

The Swappa Repair Network is directory based, so it’s really easy for users to search for repair shops near them. We’re adding guides on common repair problems and content to show users localized pricing comparisons so they can see what users are paying for cracked screens, battery replacement, and water damage.

How to get started with the Repair Network

New to the Swappa Repair Network?

If you haven’t signed up before, getting started in the Swappa Repair Network is pretty simple — you just need to provide some information about your business. This can be done by clicking the green button on our “Join the Swappa Repair Network” page.

The initial submission will include basic information about your repair shop, such as the name, address, and description, as well as a telephone number and contact email. From this point, the details you provided will be sent to Swappa staff for verification.

While the verification is taking place, you can then go on and build out your full shop profile. This additional profile information will include details about your shop, such as what kind of repair work you handle, which types of devices you repair, a link to your website, and other information you believe will help users make an informed decision on whether to choose your shop.

We also encourage you to provide pricing estimates for common repairs, as well as pictures showing your retail business location. The pricing details will help users to have a good understanding of what the repair may cost, and the pictures will help users decide whether or not they will visit your location.

Your shop profile will then be published once Swappa staff finishes the verification. The verification process checks to make sure your profile is accurate, completed, and that your repair shop meets our requirements and qualifications.

Do you have a listing but it’s expired or unclaimed?

If you fall into either of these categories, we encourage you to claim your location or to reactivate your listing. There is no cost for either option and once claimed or reactivated, you will be able to move forward and begin updating your business profile.

To claim your listing, find your location and click on the Claim this Location link. Swappa will review your request and be in touch shortly.

What’s required to join?

There is no cost for repair shops to join the Swappa Repair Network, so we encourage all shops to submit their shop details for review and entry into the network, however, there are some requirements and qualifications required for approval. All repair shops must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a verifiable business name, address, phone number and web presence.
  • Have a retail location. (The shop cannot operate out of a residence or other non-retail location.)
  • Offer a minimum 30-day warranty on all repairs.

Swappa also reserves the right to consider online reviews as a qualifier to listing location(s) in the Swappa network.

How to make your Repair Network listing stand out

Photos and clear, enticing descriptions help users make informed decisions when choosing a repair shop to fix their broken device. Here’s the information you can update on your profile page:

  • Business Name
  • Address (allows the user to easily get directions to the shop)
  • Telephone number (presented as a link so the customer can easily call)
  • Email address (allows the customer to easily reach out with any questions)
  • Link to your website (can also include a link to your Facebook and Yelp profiles)
  • Description (an open field that can be used to list items important to your business)
  • Avatar / Banner (to show your business logo, and to help your profile stand out)
  • Images (can be used to show images of your business, your work area, or to show a flyer with current specials)
  • Pricing for common services that you offer


You can check out the repair network, as a regular user, by visiting the Swappa Repair Network portal page on our website. Or, you can begin the process of registering your repair shop using the green button below.