Best T-Mobile Unlimited Plans 2020

Best T-Mobile Unlimited Plans 2020

If you’re shopping for a new carrier (either for an existing or future cell phone purchase) an unlimited data plan is definitely the way to go. With more than 84 million customers, T-Mobile offers unlimited data on all their plans and are a great, worry-free way to purchase wireless service with the stress of managing your data use.

Before you take the plunge, it’s  important to know that not all unlimited unlimited plans are created equal and most will require you to carefully read over the fine print in order to figure out which plan works best for you and your budget. T-Mobile is no different. So if you’re looking for an unlimited plan but don’t know where to start, in this post we’ll help you make sense of T-Mobile’s Unlimited Plans for 2019 so you can decide which plan is right for you.


Is a T-Mobile unlimited plan really unlimited?

The burning question on most people’s minds when shopping for a T-Mobile unlimited plan is whether or not it’s really unlimited. While the definition of “unlimited” leaves little room for interpretation, it’s how T-Mobile handles unlimited data on their network that’s less obvious.

With unlimited data, T-Mobile customers no longer have to worry about extra charges showing up on their bill for using too much data. There is, however, a soft cap and when exceeded, T-Mobile may slow things down drastically whenever their network becomes busy or congested. It’s not so much throttling as much as it is deprioritization for lines exceeding 50GB (this applies to all T-Mobile unlimited plans). So whenever T-Mobile’s network becomes busy, deprioritized customers are sent to the back of line, giving priority to those who are still within their 50GB for the month.

This happens on a tower-by-tower basis, so it’s possible to find data speeds returning to normal once you move to a different location (depending on the tower and how many people are currently using it). Again, even if you’ve exceeded 50GB for the month, it’s possible to continue receiving high speed data as long as you’re not connected to a busy tower. It’s a clever way for T-Mobile to handle traffic on their network, freeing up bandwidth without slamming excessive users with added surcharges every month.

If nothing else, heavy internet users who regularly exceed 50GB a the month (a very small percentage) can expect nothing more than less consistent data speeds on T-Mobile. Don’t worry about being surprised either. T-Mobile will notify you via text message once you’ve reached 48GB so you can adjust use accordingly (like connecting to WiFi when possible). You can also manually check by dialing #web# on your T-Mobile phone.

It’s also worth noting that there isn’t an add-on or bonus tier where you can pay for more than 50GB of high speed data each month. 50GB of guaranteed high speed data is all you can get on T-Mobile.


How much is a T-Mobile unlimited plan?

Introduced back in May 2019, T-Mobile offers three different unlimited plans to replace their previous T-Mobile One and One Plus offerings. For a single line before discounts are applied, there’s T-Mobile Essentials ($65), T-Mobile Magenta ($75), and T-Mobile Magenta Plus ($90). All T-Mobile unlimited plans include unlimited talk, text, and added benefits like 2G data in Canada and Mexico.

For more on T-Mobile’s unlimited plans — including individual benefits and limitations — continue reading to find out which T-Mobile unlimited plan is the best for you. Keeping things in line with T-Mobile’s website, we’ll also show you prices after AutoPay discount ($5/mo) has been applied. Also worth noting is when it comes to T-Mobile’s Magenta and Magenta Plus plans, taxes and fees are included in the prices.

T-Mobile Essentials $60*

  • Full speed data: Deprioritized
  • Video streaming: 480p SD
  • Mobile Hotspot: Unlimited (3G speeds)
  • 5G: Where available, compatible device required
  • Perks: T-Mobile Tuesdays, unlimited texting in 210+ countries

T-Mobile Essentials is the carrier’s basic, lowest tier unlimited plan offered. Similar to other carriers, Essentials users will find their lines deprioritized out of the gate. That means slower data speeds can happen at any time once T-Mobile’s network becomes congested, even if you’re within you’re within your 50GB for the month. Should you find yourself exceeding 50GB for the month, data speeds will be slowed even further.

The T-Mobile Essentials plan also specifically throttles video streams with data speeds that are only capable of supporting 480p standard definition. As for perks, users have access to T-Mobile Tuesdays, the carrier’s special app for freebies, giveaways, and discounts.

Who should get this plan: Anyone who wants an affordable but bare bones unlimited plan and is willing to sacrifice consistent data speeds for a few extra dollars — this is the plan for you.

T-Mobile Magenta $70*

  • Full speed data: 50GB
  • Video streaming: 480p SD
  • Mobile Hotspot: 3GB (4G LTE speeds)
  • 5G: Where available, compatible device required
  • Perks: T-Mobile Tuesdays, unlimited texting and 2G data in 210+ countries, free Netflix basic (two or more lines required), free 1 hour Gogo WiFi + text messaging on available flights

Next up is the T-Mobile Magenta unlimited plan that which is definitely a step up from Essentials. First is the price, which now includes all taxes and fees — so what you see advertised is exactly what you can expect to see on your bill each month. This is also the first plan where you’ll find up to 50GB of guaranteed full-speed data (plenty for even the most heavy internet users) as well as unlimited text messaging and 2G data in 210+ countries.

Other notable upgrades include 5GB of 4G LTE speeds when in Mexico or Canada, and 1-hour of free data and unlimited text messages on flights outfitted with Gogo WiFi. There are still limitations when it comes to video streaming, with speeds only capable of supporting 480p standard definition video. T-Mobile does throw in free Netflix basic (one screen) with two or more lines on a Magenta plan, which is definitely a nice perk, especially if you’re already paying for the service.

Who should get this plan: Anyone looking for a consistent wireless experience with lots of high-speed data, useful perks for traveling, and has plans to upgrade to a 5G device in the near future — this is the plan for you.

T-Mobile Magenta Plus $85*

  • Full speed data: 50GB
  • Video streaming: 1080p HD
  • Mobile Hotspot: 20GB w/ 4G LTE speeds
  • 5G: Where available, compatible device required
  • Perks: T-Mobile Tuesdays, free Netflix (two or more lines required), free text messaging + Gogo WiFi on available flights, voicemail transcription, and Name ID

T-Mobile Magenta Plus unlimited plan is everything you love about the previous Magenta plan, only supercharged. Full speed data remains at 50GB across all T-Mobile plans, but video streaming is kicked up to full 1080p HD, while mobile hotspot data gets bumped to 20GB at 4G LTE speeds.

T-Mobile doesn’t hold back on the perks either, with Magenta Plus users receiving unlimited WiFi and text messaging on Gogo-enabled flights, along with all of T-Mobile’s available add-ons like voicemail transcriptions and Name ID (caller ID). They’ve also bumped up their 2G data speeds by “2x” when traveling abroad, which roughly translates to 256Kbps.

While you could always add some of these features individually, you’ll get a much better deal by bundling all these extras for only $15 more a month over the regular Magenta plan. Throw in free Netflix (two or more lines) with the option for 4K Netflix streaming on 4 screens for only $3 more — and that’s one pretty sweet deal.

Who should get this plan: High demand internet users and frequent travelers with multiple devices who demand the best unlimited plan that doesn’t hold you back — this is the plan for you.



T-Mobile unlimited plan discounts

*AutoPay discount

T-Mobile offers a $5 discount for those enrolled in AutoPay (up to 6 lines). It’s so easy to signup, T-Mobile already includes the discount in their unlimited plan pricing on their website. It’s also worth noting that even after enrolling in AutoPay, you may not see the discount until your second bill, so don’t be alarmed if your first bill is a tad bit more expensive than you were expecting.

T-Mobile multiple line discounts

If you’re shopping for a T-Mobile unlimited family plan discount, you can simply add more lines to any existing plan for big savings. It doesn’t matter if you’re adding family members or gathering a group of friends to go all-in on a multiple line plan, you’ll find some pretty serious discounts for every line you add on your account.

Here are the current prices and discounts for adding multiple lines to each of T-Mobile’s current offerings ($5/mo AutoPay discount included). Oh, and remember, all taxes and fees for Magenta and Magenta Plus are included, and the 4th line is free.

T-Mobile Essentials discounts per line

  • 1 line – $60/mo (+ taxes & fees)
  • 2 lines ($45/line) – $90/mo ($30 off)
  • 3 lines ($35/line) – $105/mo ($75 off)
  • 4 lines ($30/line) – $120/mo ($120 off)
  • 5 lines ($27/line) – $135/mo ($165 off)

T-Mobile Magenta discounts per line

  • 1 line – $70 total
  • 2 lines ($60/line) – $120 total ($20 off)
  • 3 lines ($47/line) – $140 total ($70 off)
  • 4 lines ($35/line) – $140 total ($140 off)
  • 5 lines ($32/line) – $160 total ($190 off)

T-Mobile Magenta Plus discounts per line

  • 1 line – $85 total
  • 2 lines ($70/line) – $140 total ($30 off)
  • 3 lines ($57/line) – $170 total ($85 off)
  • 4 lines ($43/line) – $170 total ($170 off)
  • 5 lines ($40/line) – $200 total ($225 off)

T-Mobile military and first responder discount

In addition to the multiple line discounts above, T-Mobile also has a military, veterans and first responders discount (with proof of eligibility) as well. They’re discounted versions of T-Mobile’s regular Magenta and Magenta Plus unlimited plans. Unfortunately, the entry-level T-Mobile Essentials plan isn’t available for a military or first responders discount.

How big is the military, veterans, and first responders discount on T-Mobile? Well, you’re looking at $20 off a single line Magenta plan, but you can get an even bigger discount by adding more lines to your account. With savings between $30-$50 cheaper than T-Mobile’s regularly priced multiple line plans, it can really add up.

For instance, with a military/first responders discount, a 2-line Magenta Plus plan is $40 cheaper than regular price. The biggest discount comes with 3 lines, where you’ll be saving $50 over their T-Mobile’s regular priced plan. Prices for T-Mobile’s military and first responders discounts — including $5 AutoPay credit — can be found below.

T-Mobile Magenta (military & first responder discount)

  • 1 line – $55 total
  • 2 lines ($40/line) – $80 total ($30 off)
  • 3 lines ($30/line) – $90 total ($75 off)
  • 4 lines ($25/line) – $100 total ($120 off)
  • 5 lines ($22/line) – $110 total ($165 off)

T-Mobile Magenta Plus (military & first responder discount)

  • 1 line – N/A
  • 2 lines ($50/line) – $100 total
  • 3 lines ($40/line) – $120 total ($30 off)
  • 4 lines ($35/line) – $140 total ($60 off)
  • 5 lines ($32/line) – $160 total ($90 off)

T-Mobile senior discount (55+)

Yes, T-Mobile does offer a senior discount for customers 55 years or older. By default, T-Mobile’s website only shows pricing for two lines, so you’ll have to do some digging to find out the cost for a single line with senior discount. Don’t worry, we did all the work for you.

The senior discount is available on T-Mobile’s Magenta and Magenta Plus plans, as well as T-Mobile Essentials plan for a limited time. Seniors can expect $20 off the normal single line pricing, or anywhere between $35-$50 off a regular priced multi-line plan. It’s worth noting that senior plans are capped at 2 lines, so if you need more than that you’ll have to sign up for a regular priced plan.

You can find all the pricing for T-Mobile’s senior unlimited plans (with $5 AutoPay credit) down below.

T-Mobile Essentials Unlimited 55 (limited time)

  • 1 line – $40/mo (+ taxes & fees)
  • 2 lines ($27.50/line) – $55/mo

T-Mobile Magenta Unlimited 55

  • 1 line – $50 total
  • 2 lines ($35/line) – $70 total

T-Mobile Magenta Plus Unlimited 55

  • 1 line – $65 total
  • 2 lines ($45/line) – $90 total


Shopping for an T-Mobile phone?

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