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rating by Said H. on Jun 21, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by 1BadSubaruSTI on Oct 09, 2017:

Great seller

rating by Robbie S. on Jul 31, 2017:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Mark F. on Apr 24, 2017:

Fast shipping, great communication from sell. Would definitely buy from seller again. Thanks!

rating by Michael P. on Mar 13, 2017:

Exactly as described, phone is in great condition, working perfectly, fast shipping! Thank you.

rating by Chris F. on Feb 24, 2017:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Alex K. on Dec 26, 2016:

Excellent Condition! Exactly as described!

rating by Jonathan S. on Nov 25, 2016:


rating by RickMackey1 .. on Nov 14, 2016:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Dean M. on Nov 04, 2016:

Great Seller. Excellent communication. The Cellphone arrived as advertised. I would definitely buy from again.

Thank You

rating by Michael M. on Nov 03, 2016:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Michael M. on Nov 03, 2016:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Jeff M. on Oct 20, 2016:

Great service, fast shipping. Thanks!

rating by SofedUp @XDA on Oct 15, 2016:

The phone was as described, in mint condition, however the color was wrong.
There was a Rose Gold A9 up for sale, but I received a red one.

rating by Stephen M. on Sep 30, 2016:

Quick Shipping. Phone was exactly as described.

rating by Eric P. on Jul 13, 2016:

Shipped and arrived quickly. From the outside, the phone is perfect. The only sign that it's used is a small scratch near the charging port. But when I turn it on, the screen has some slight problems. There's 2 spots on the lower left of the screen that are brighter/whiter than the rest of the screen. It's only noticeable when solid colours are over those spots. Still, it was very worth it.

rating by Cedric D. on Jul 12, 2016:

Phone as described and fast shipment.

rating by Philipp P. on May 16, 2016:

Phone arrived in a timely manner and as described. I will refer!

rating by Devin W. on Apr 16, 2016:

Device arrived in good condition as promised, unfortunately the power adapter provided was very cheap and immediately shorted out. Reached out to seller for replacement but got no response. Overall the cord and device are great. Would buy from again.

rating by Zeel P. on Apr 15, 2016:

Phone was marked as Gold. Swappa staff stated you can't tell from the picture, but the seller is using this picture in multiple listings.

rating by Philip O. on Apr 12, 2016:

Good packaging. Phone as advertised. Timely delivery (out of town at the time but via tracking number phone was shipped promptly). Appreciate phone being charged. Recommend seller based on my experience.

rating by Abraham R. on Apr 11, 2016:

The charger blew out the first time I used it. The phone looks amazing though. Thanks.

rating by Philip O. on Apr 07, 2016:

Excellent shipping time and response to sale. Good packaging. The phone was fully charged upon arrival (I appreciate that) and functioned as it should.
Based on my experience I highly recommend this seller.

rating by Darrien G. on Mar 23, 2016:

Phone is in perfect condition, and was shipped very quickly. Superb sale.

rating by phil z. on Feb 03, 2016:

the phone was even cleaner than described.

rating by Harry P. on Jan 15, 2016:

(no additional description provided)

rating by blynnk @XDA on Jan 11, 2016:

Great seller and fast shipper!

rating by Dain S. on Sep 02, 2015:

Phone came quickly and as described. Thanks for the great service.

rating by Brian L. on Aug 22, 2015:

The phone was delivered in two days and it is working great.

rating by Boris V. on Jul 23, 2015:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Luribel on Jun 25, 2015:


rating by Leonel R. on Jun 19, 2015:

Phone with a weird black tint and a clear circle around the camera lenses.
very noticeable. Beside that everything as offered.

rating by Travis H. on Jun 17, 2015:

Quick shipping! Device worked with Ting as promised

rating by Patton3GT on Apr 26, 2015:

Device arrived exactly as described.

rating by greg d. on Apr 25, 2015:

very fast shipping and very helpful

rating by cinna on Apr 07, 2015:

(no additional description provided)

rating by lukewarmtofu on Apr 02, 2015:

Shipped fast, and device was as described!

rating by Jennifer B. on Mar 16, 2015:

Device in exact condition described and works great. Fast shipping with solid packaging.

rating by keithandmissy on Mar 05, 2015:

Seller shipped the item very quickly. The condition was as advertised. I would definitely buy from him again.

rating by Vernon P. on Jan 26, 2015:

Honest and quick seller!

rating by Andrew F. on Jan 17, 2015:

I purchased a phone and it arrived very fast. There was very minor wear (some of the writing had faded) on the back case that was not described or photographed but in no way affects the device. Very satisfied with my purchase but would have liked better quality photos in the listing.

rating by JoeM01 @XDA on Jan 15, 2015:

Quick shipping, good seller. Description on sale page was a little misleading. Listed as good, which it was, but seller said it was near mint, which with 2 nicks in the screen, and scuffs at the top, and bottom of phone, as well as a scuff on the lens surround, really isn't the case. Full disclosure, seller never hid the damage when asked, just didn't really show it in the pictures. Happy with the purchase overall.

rating by Xander H. on Jan 13, 2015:

Speedy shipping and phone arrived exactly as depicted

rating by Gayle O on Jan 03, 2015:

Great!!! everything as described

rating by EXPRESS BUYER1 on Dec 07, 2014:

fair not good so next time describe well thanks.

rating by ibswireless on Nov 21, 2014:

.•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•* Fast Shipping! Thanks!!*-:¦:-•:*'""*:•.

rating by Jeremy M. on Nov 12, 2014:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Danny M. on Nov 03, 2014:


rating by PretBun on Aug 29, 2014:

Excellent Transaction! All as described.

rating by Matt R. on Jul 21, 2014:

Good seller:)