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+1 rating by Farhaan G. on Oct 02, 2019:

Great seller. Had an issue and was resolved quickly! Thanks.

+1 rating by Preet K. on Sep 30, 2019:

Thank you for accommodating a quick shipping. Item is as described.

+1 rating by Joshua C. on Sep 16, 2019:

The experience was good, seller was extremely kind and willing to work with me.

+1 rating by Johnny W. on Sep 11, 2019:

Phone came in condition described and expected.

+1 rating by rafiat o. on Sep 05, 2019:

Great experience

+1 rating by Ever G. on Aug 29, 2019:

Thank you! My Note 9 was in stellar conditions, looks better in person than on the pictures. Am so happy! Fast replies and was shipped out quick

+1 rating by nicholas t. on Aug 24, 2019:


+1 rating by Jacob V. on Aug 07, 2019:

Great product!

+1 rating by Ashley A. on Jul 17, 2019:

Device is in perfect condition and everything is working fine.

+1 rating by dj 2. on Jul 02, 2019:


+1 rating by Ambuya J. on Jun 27, 2019:

I had a great buying experience. Item received on time.

+1 rating by Mateus O. on Jun 19, 2019:

Very good purchase. Quick replies and item as described.

+1 rating by Sam O. on Jun 14, 2019:

Fast shipping and product as described!

+1 rating by Deepak A on Jun 14, 2019:

Super seller..everything as mentioned

+1 rating by jefé d. on Jun 13, 2019:

Brand new MacBook Pro as described. Seller shipped next day.

+1 rating by Audrey M. on Jun 04, 2019:


+1 rating by Thibault D. on Apr 29, 2019:

super efficient !

+1 rating by Austin A. on Apr 21, 2019:

The MacBook came as described,Apple Care+ and condition are as listed. Shipping was fast and efficient, no complaints here.

+1 rating by AJ Lyon on Apr 17, 2019:

Great seller, fast shipping, item as described!

+1 rating by Daniel K. on Apr 15, 2019:

Had a problem, seller took care of it immediately! Thanks

+1 rating by Marvin K. on Apr 13, 2019:

Great seller. Item in mint condition as stated.

+1 rating by Faustino C. on Mar 21, 2019:


+1 rating by Quincy M. on Mar 11, 2019:

iPhone arrived quickly in good condition.

+1 rating by Naya D. on Mar 11, 2019:

Quick shipping, the product was as described

+1 rating by Wesley A. on Feb 12, 2019:

Computer is in great condition and shipped very quickly. Not a single complaint here.

(0) rating by Phoebe R. on Jan 18, 2019:

The phone did not come with Apple Care Plus like advertised but the phone itself seems to be okay.

+1 rating by gonell0407 on Jan 16, 2019:

Easy to work with seller and the phone came as described. I was happy with the phone.

+1 rating by Michael N. on Jan 15, 2019:

Thank you!

+1 rating by Bryan C. on Jan 14, 2019:

Phone is as described. Thank you!

+1 rating by David M. on Jan 14, 2019:

No complaints, seller was excellent to work with.

+1 rating by Erica C. on Jan 13, 2019:

The MacBook Pro 2017 I received matched the seller's descriptions and has presented no problems so far. There were no issues with shipping or receiving the packaging. Overall, I was very satisfied with the purchase and hope no issues arise.

+1 rating by Jonathan S. on Jan 13, 2019:


+1 rating by Bar10 on Jan 13, 2019:

Excellent, Thanks

+1 rating by Jason Maynard on Jan 13, 2019:

Great seller. Fast shipping and response time.

+1 rating by Diego S. on Dec 31, 2018:


+1 rating by Henry B. on Dec 27, 2018:

The phone comes in as expected. All the accessories are there. Only minor issue was the Sim CARD, which was not working. I even add insurance on the phone. I will definitely buy again from the seller. and say thanks for the help throughout the sale.

+1 rating by Nur C. on Dec 26, 2018:

Thank you! =)

+1 rating by John S. on Dec 20, 2018:

A++sales Thanks.

+1 rating by TunaMcFish on Dec 10, 2018:

everything came in as expected! easy transaction and fast shipping!!

+1 rating by Eugene L. on Dec 07, 2018:

awesome seller!

+1 rating by Chris S. on Nov 19, 2018:

A++ Service. Computer came in a condition better than described. thanks again!

+1 rating by Klaus C. on Nov 15, 2018:

Excellent purchase ????

+1 rating by Paul M. on Nov 11, 2018:

The MacBook I received was in the exact condition advertised, and the seller was prompt and professional. Ordered on a Tuesday, arrived on Friday. Very happy with the seller and the site for my first purchase!

rating by Manny M. on Nov 07, 2018:

phone was as described. smooth transaction. great communication. fast shipping

(0) rating by Joshua G. on Nov 05, 2018:

Refunded buyer rather than fulfilling sale.

rating by Tyler K. on Nov 05, 2018:

Fantastic packaging and condition. So very very happy!!

rating by Melvin S. on Oct 29, 2018:

great service

rating by ABE A. on Oct 16, 2018:


rating by RS W. on Sep 29, 2018:

Outstanding transaction, in every way! Reasonable price, great phone, communicative and helpful seller, prompt shipping upon payment. I would certainly purchase another phone from this seller in the future! Thank you!

rating by Miranda T. on Sep 13, 2018:

Phone ended up being blacklisted, however, the seller immediately refunded the money back to me after I returned the phone to him. It would've been nice if he covered the cost of the return though.