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+1 rating by Florencia S. on Oct 11, 2019:

Phone arrived in perfect condition just as described. I'm very happy with the purchase!

+1 rating by James M. on Oct 06, 2019:


+1 rating by Santiago . on Sep 17, 2019:


+1 rating by Lori B. on Jul 23, 2019:

Seamless transaction

+1 rating by Clare L. on Jul 03, 2019:

My first experience using swappa and it was excellent! The seller was communicative about shipping and I received the phone promptly in the described condition. My mother is now happily using the phone. The bonus screen protector was nice too - no brand but was easy to apply and fortunately haven't had occasion to test it.

+1 rating by saxat on Jun 02, 2019:

The phone came in good condition. Slight wear and tear and scratches but really good otherwise.

+1 rating by Doug Y. on May 30, 2019:

The phone is exactly what I was expecting

+1 rating by Ayanna S. on May 25, 2019:

Great Seller. The express shipping was deffinetly worth it recieved my phone the next day. Battery health was 100%, and condition was as descibed if not better at amazing price. Highly recommend buying from this seller!

+1 rating by Alyson R. on May 07, 2019:

Phone was just as described. Fast shipping. Perfect transaction.

+1 rating by Joe K. on Apr 30, 2019:


+1 rating by John doe on Apr 30, 2019:


+1 rating by Robert N. E. on Apr 24, 2019:

Sale went over well, product works perfectly, 10/10 would buy again.

+1 rating by Brittney H. on Apr 12, 2019:

Phone arrived in perfect condition! Works great!

+1 rating by Margaret M. on Mar 30, 2019:

Thank you!

+1 rating by Trevor S. on Mar 22, 2019:

The device arrived as expected.

+1 rating by Zaw A. on Mar 07, 2019:

Received the product as advertised. Thank you.

+1 rating by jiypha on Feb 26, 2019:

Phone looks great! Seller kept me in the loop when there was an issue with shipping!

+1 rating by Pat C. on Feb 15, 2019:

Phone looks great. Thanks for the super fast shipping!

+1 rating by Jake S. on Feb 10, 2019:

Incredibly fast shipping. Received item exactly how described. Definitely recommend!

-1 rating by Robert S. on Feb 02, 2019:

WHOA! This iPhone 8 has many issues. I took it to an official Apple store to replace the screen which was as seller described, so no issue there. While at the Apple store they looked it over and this phone is Frankensteined. The charge port wouldn’t connect to a computer, (I had it replaced) the battery only charges to 78%, the battery drops to 11% after 15 minutes of use (YouTube) and shuts off. To turn the cell back on it must be charging for 20ish minutes, then randomly blinks in and out. The (Guts) of the phone are all mismatched per the Apple Store. I will go through Hell and high water to receive a refund.

(0) rating by Isaiah M. on Feb 01, 2019:

The screen was in worse condition than expected. The phone works well and was delivered promptly.

+1 rating by Katie T. on Jan 26, 2019:


+1 rating by Robert L. on Jan 25, 2019:

Item received timely and was as described, thanks!

+1 rating by Jed R. on Jan 24, 2019:

Phone arrived with charger, works great. Thanks for the quick service!

+1 rating by MELANIE C. on Jan 19, 2019:

Phone arrived well-packaged, in a timely manner and was exactly as seller described. Thanks so much!

+1 rating by Mario C. on Jan 15, 2019:

I am very satisfied with the device. Shipping was fast. Problems were resolved easily and efficiently. Overall great seller. Would recommend anyone to buy from dart.

+1 rating by Adds E. on Jan 15, 2019:

The phone wasn't listed correctly and it was a big disappointment that I couldn't use the phone. That being said, the Seller remedied the situation swiflty. I appreciate both the seller and Swappa's customer service. I would buy from them again.

+1 rating by Daniel W. on Jan 12, 2019:

Phone arrived very well packed and in the promised condition. The seller was very responsive. Everything tested and worked as it should. I had no trouble setting up the phone and have been been actively using it.

+1 rating by Richard C. on Jan 11, 2019:

Outstanding seller! Phone was exactly as described. Phone arrived fast and properly secure. Will be buying from this seller again in near future. Thank you

+1 rating by Phillip M. on Jan 08, 2019:

Very fast shipping, phone is definitely in Good condition with very minor screen hat wand one very small crack on the side that won't be an issue at all with a case on the phone. thank you!

+1 rating by Anna A. on Dec 31, 2018:

Very good customer service experience, despite a slight defect of a smudge on the camera lens of this phone. The product was fine apart from this. The seller quickly responded to emails and repaired and resent the iPhone very quickly- I would highly recommend buying from this seller


+1 rating by James H. on Dec 15, 2018:


+1 rating by Ken Z. on Dec 11, 2018:

Phone was exactly as expected. Fast delivery!

+1 rating by Daniel M. on Dec 09, 2018:

Great sale, item came close to product description. Thank you.

+1 rating by Ruth K. on Dec 03, 2018:

Very good phone as described. Shipped quickly. Excellent customer service when charger didn't work.

+1 rating by Thomas C. on Nov 28, 2018:

Item was perfect as described!

+1 rating by Sung C. on Nov 28, 2018:

Great service

+1 rating by Donny H. on Nov 26, 2018:

iPhone arrived fast and in the condition listed. As far as I can tell, it works well. Thank you!

+1 rating by Brent L. on Nov 24, 2018:

Super fast shipping and item as described. Thanks!

+1 rating by Etan O. on Nov 22, 2018:

The device arrived packaged very nicely, looks new. Connected to Verizon without any difficulty. Mint condition sale, but clearly visible scuffing over the sim card latch. Rest of phone pristine and gorgeous. Seller was very responsive to buyer's concerns due to shipping issues outside their control

+1 rating by Brian D. on Nov 21, 2018:

Phone is in great condition and works flawlessly so far! Thanks! I would definitely recommend Dart Electronics!

+1 rating by Sam B. on Nov 21, 2018:

The phone came in condition stated in the description. There was thankfully no issue with the shipment for the phone, the only issue was with the glass cover that came free with the phone in which it was cracked but potentially was due to the shipping or other means. Beyond that, the phone is in relatively good condition with no issues

+1 rating by Masterdo on Nov 21, 2018:


+1 rating by Raffy M. on Nov 20, 2018:

Thank you Dart Electronics and Swappa

+1 rating by Marly D. on Nov 14, 2018:

Received the phone quickly and all appears to be working fine. Phone looks great and looks and works as described .

rating by Gadget ER on Nov 13, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Gadget ER on Nov 13, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Joshua M. on Nov 11, 2018:

Great condition. Phone works as described. My apologies for the delay in leaving feedback. I just noticed I had not yet.

+1 rating by Landon E. on Nov 10, 2018:

Overall a very good sale

rating by Marvin _. on Nov 08, 2018:

Fast shipping