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+1 rating by Forrest K. on Feb 01, 2021:

Quick and easy

+1 rating by Wiguen T. on Dec 04, 2020:


+1 rating by Hagai D. on Nov 28, 2020:

Arrived as described. Im very pleased with the watch and its condition.
Seller was very responsive to my messages.

+1 rating by trenzelle P. on Nov 24, 2020:

Awesome seller product arrived as described

+1 rating by Andrew B. on Oct 25, 2020:

Received on time, thanks!

+1 rating by Brian P. on Sep 06, 2020:

Everything was as promised and went smoothly and quickly.

+1 rating by Troy S. on Sep 01, 2020:

Phone delivered in great condition and works really well!

+1 rating by DansModernLife on Aug 27, 2020:

Had some issues with the USPS. Seller stayed in contact everyday until phone was delivered. Awesome condition and Great Phone. Thanks.

+1 rating by Jonathan C. on Jul 16, 2019:

Phone is mint as described. Very satisfied with the purchase!

+1 rating by gordyhulten on Mar 29, 2019:

Prompt shipment, all accessories included, mint condition as advertised. Thank you for a great transaction.

rating by Robert W. on Nov 04, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Daniel C. on Oct 28, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Tony T. on Oct 15, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Joe b. on Oct 15, 2018:

Great seller. Answers all questions (although sometimes vaguely) in a timely manner.

rating by Hecate on Oct 08, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Spencer on Oct 06, 2018:

Device is excellent condition! Like new! Seller was reasonable with price and made a quick sale!

rating by Young Tai on Oct 05, 2018:

Fast shipping, came as described.

rating by Nicholas on Oct 04, 2018:

Phone was exactly as described and super fast shipping. Would buy from again.

rating by Soma Sekar on Oct 04, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Gary S. on Oct 01, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Christopher L. on Sep 25, 2018:

Fast shipment phone is in perfect condition

rating by Chris M. on Sep 15, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Ken K. on Sep 14, 2018:

Phone was in perfect shape with all accessories. Shipping was very fast. Bought on saturday and the phone was at the front door by tuesday. Very happy with the transaction. The phone was to replace the wife's aging Note 5 and she is very happy with the new phone

rating by Lindsey D. on Sep 13, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Jacinto M. on Sep 13, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Mikaël M. on Sep 10, 2018:

Fast shipping, item well packaged!

rating by jeff t. on Aug 17, 2018:

Great Seller. EXCELLENT and TIMELY communication. Buy from this person with confidence.

rating by Charlie S. on Aug 16, 2018:

Phone is exactly as advertised and shipped very quickly (ordered on Tuesday, arrived on Thursday). Thanks!

rating by Regina B on Jul 23, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by jackie r. on Jun 18, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Warren L. on Jun 04, 2018:

Shipped incredibly quickly (within two hours on a Saturday!), and arrived exactly as described.

rating by Rishabh S. on May 29, 2018:

The phone was great, outside of the fact that one of the speakers doesn't work. This didn't seem to be listed anywhere in the description.

rating by James Q. on May 26, 2018:

A plus seller

rating by Eric M. on May 17, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Darius D. on May 11, 2018:

I would have loved to give 5 stars but the screen has burn-in from the nav bar that wasn't disclosed. But was shipped within two hours of sale which is super awesome. Will buy from again though!

rating by Alex N. on May 08, 2018:

Phone shipped within a few hours of order being placed. Phone was in great condition. The extra case and screen protector were a great touch. Definitely recommend this seller!

rating by Rees W. on Apr 25, 2018:

Excellent! Just received my device, everything looks as described. Speedy delivery from the seller.

rating by Koragus on Apr 22, 2018:

Device came quickly. Good response time. Would purchase from this seller again.

rating by David D. on Apr 21, 2018:

Device was exactly as described, shipping was 2 day priority as promised, device arrived on time.

rating by Tribals on Apr 19, 2018:

Received my phone in mint condition as described. Not the best packaging it was shipped in, but everything was received undamaged so that's good.

rating by Henry G. on Apr 07, 2018:

There is a relatively large but not deep scratch on the screen that the seller did not disclose in their description. Otherwise the phone is as expected.

rating by Manuel M. on Mar 31, 2018:

fast shipping tanks

rating by Lucas T. on Mar 28, 2018:

Phone was in Mint condition as described and the seller was very helpful along the way.

The package got some liquid on it during shipping, but the seller had the phone packaged well enough that nothing was affected as a result.

rating by Ernesto F. on Mar 10, 2018:

Super mint condition. Received 2 days after sale. Good communication with seller. Would buy again.

rating by Beau T. on Feb 19, 2018:

(no additional description provided)

rating by Brian S. on Feb 10, 2018:

Everything looks good! Factory reset and everything is working and screen is flawless. Thanks for the phone!

rating by Charles M. on Feb 08, 2018:

This is my first time to use Swappa,actually I had never heard of it, but was lucky enough to find it while searching for a phone. I'll definitely use Swappa again.
Very fast shipping, Phone is in excellent condition and operates perfectly.

rating by Evan P. on Feb 05, 2018:

Sale went flawlessly. Device was shipped in a timely manner and great communication with seller.

rating by sloan s. on Jan 29, 2018:

Fast shipping. Everything as expected, I do think that the screen has more imperfections than "good" warrants. Other than that it's fine.

rating by Michael L. on Jan 28, 2018:

I have received the phone, which is in exceptional quality.

thank you for being accommodating!

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