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    • +1 rating by HiTech on Jun 27, 2019:

      EXACTLY as described/pictured. Very satisfied with the purchase. Thank you

      (0) rating by bree l. on Jun 27, 2019:

      Came correct but ups leave it on my door step instead of knocking and telling me it was here

      +1 rating by Noel C. on Jun 18, 2019:

      Exactly as described. Very pleased with my purchase. Thank you!

      +1 rating by Freddie W. on Jun 05, 2019:

      Shipment received, and was exactly as stated!

      (0) rating by HiTech on May 16, 2019:

      Had to be refunded before they even shipped it. A quick check of the IMEI showed it was not able to be activated with the carrier. Would have been nice if they verified activation status prior to listing, I wouldn't have wasted time and money on it.

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