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Used and refurbished MacBook Pro 2023 - 16 inch
MacBook Pro 2023 - 16"
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Used and refurbished MacBook Pro 2021 - 16 inch
MacBook Pro 2021 - 16"
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Used and refurbished MacBook Pro 2019 - 16 inch
MacBook Pro 2019 - 16"
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Sell my MacBook Pro 16"

Selling directly to a Swappa buyer means more cash in your pocket.

Better than trade-in

Selling on Swappa means you get paid what your MacBook is actually worth, and that's more than any of the trade-in sites are offering. Plus, when you list on Swappa you get paid instantly as soon as your laptop sells rather than waiting over a week for a check.

Factory reset your MacBook before selling

Before shipping off your sold MacBook you'll want to ensure you've reset your MacBook and restored factory settings to wipe all your personal information. Read this article about how to wipe your Macbook for more details.

Ship your MacBook safely after it's sold

Shipping your sold MacBook safely is crucial, but you don't want to overpay. Use the right size box and proper packaging to ensure it arrives safely to it's new owner.

How to safely ship your MacBook

How to wipe a Macbook to sell

How to wipe a MacBook to sell: Before you sell your MacBook, you'll need to erase all your data stored on the computer. Here are some easy steps to factory reset your MacBook:

  1. Select Apple button in upper left corner > Restart...
  2. Once MacBook begins to restart, hold down "command" and "r" keys and release when Apple logo appears
  3. Once inside Recovery Mode, select Disk Utility > Continue > Macintosh HD startup disk > Erase > change format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) > Erase
  4. Select Quit Disk Utility > Reinstall macOS > Install macOS
  5. Wait for macOS to boot up

Where to sell Macbook

Apple and a variety of retail stores will allow you to trade-in your MacBook offering you store credit or a gift card. Unfortunately, this is only fraction of what you'd get if you sold your MacBook yourself. On Swappa, you can get the most money for your MacBook by directly to buyers. This allows you to receive cash for your MacBook — not store credit — and use the money however you like.

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