MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina) - 15" (MacBook) Silver, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB, in Mint condition for $2350

IBI369: Mid 2015 15' 16gb ram 1tbssd mint 56 cycle count

16 GB, 1 TB
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IBI369 276 16 GB 1 TB Silver
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Feb 13, 2017 - 03:17 AM Mar 13, 2017 - 11:59 PM

rafael r.

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Description & Options
  • Device: MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina) - 15" (MacBook)
  • Color: Silver
  • Storage: 1 TB
  • Memory: 16 GB

Comes with charger still under warranty and eligeable for apple care it's a 9.9 out of 10

Condition: Mint
  • Functions flawlessly
  • Perfect screen condition
  • No signs of use

Damage Description / Repair History

(No description provided.)

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Device Modifications
The seller has indicated the device is not rooted, ROM'd, or otherwise software-modified after purchase.

Included accessories:

Includes A/C Adapter Charger A/C Charger
Includes Battery Battery (Required)

(No further description provided.)

Shipping & Handling
  • This device will ship from: Phoenix az.  United States
  •   Shipping only to United States. This seller will NOT ship internationally. (So please don't ask.)
  • This seller requires a PayPal Confirmed Address.

    • Attention International Buyers: If you buy without a PayPal confirmed address and the seller cancels the sale because you ignored this criteria, you forfeit your sale fee.
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Returns & Refunds

The seller does not accept returns unless the device is received not as described.

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  • Peter Staff - Feb 13, 2017 - 03:36 AM Thailand (TH)

    Listing approved. Thanks for using Swappa.

  • Mark B. - Feb 14, 2017 - 07:00 AM

    While is is nice to see the 'About this Mac' screen. I think you should have obscured the serial number. OOPS!

  • Kathleen Staff - Feb 14, 2017 - 07:01 AM United States (US)

    I've removed the image containing your Serial Number. For more on why displaying that information publicly is not advised please see.

    Thanks for using Swappa.

  • Mark B. - Feb 14, 2017 - 08:02 AM


    ... but, that image includes a LOT of info that is important when purchasing a MacBook! It tells me exactly what model it is and what options are included. Please allow the seller to repost after removing (or obscuring) the serial number from the image.

  • Kathleen Staff - Feb 14, 2017 - 08:10 AM United States (US)

    That is totally fine Mark. :D I'm just trying to protect the seller and future buyer.

  • Ale T. - Feb 15, 2017 - 12:04 AM

    lol thanks Kathleen for making it worse/harder. Come on Kathy you know better than that

  • Zadillo - Feb 17, 2017 - 03:28 PM United States (US)

    Would you be willing to sell for $2000? I can buy today

  • rafael r. Seller - Feb 17, 2017 - 06:02 PM


  • Zadillo - Feb 17, 2017 - 10:06 PM United States (US)

    Can you do $2100?

  • Mark B. - Feb 19, 2017 - 10:20 AM

    Did this come from Apple with a 1Tb disk or is it an after market SSD?

  • rafael r. Seller - Feb 19, 2017 - 11:40 AM

    I'm not sure I baught it with plastic brand new no box so I'll guess it's apple ssd but can't guarantee but I think it's doesn't really make a difference ?

  • rafael r. Seller - Feb 19, 2017 - 12:10 PM

    I just uploads a pic like I figured since it's was new with plastic wrap it must be by apple the ssd is called apple ssd sm1024g so that means is an apple ssd?

  • rafael r. Seller - Feb 19, 2017 - 12:15 PM

    Also added a pic the model it's says is has the best performance over all ssd .

  • Mark B. - Feb 19, 2017 - 01:53 PM

    Thanks. It does make a difference -- some of the aftermarket stuff is just plain old SLOW.

  • rafael r. Seller - Feb 19, 2017 - 02:26 PM

    Ok. It this is not after market it's apple ssd that's why it's called apple ssd other will be call crucial ssd Samsung etc this is original apple

  • rafael r. Seller - Feb 19, 2017 - 02:29 PM

    Again it's factory from apple not after market if ur still not interested no worries ????

  • James L. - Feb 23, 2017 - 07:50 AM United States (US)

    I'm interested in buying-- why is this "9.9 / 10.00" , what is the .1?

  • Kathleen Staff - Feb 23, 2017 - 07:52 AM United States (US)

    Please also keep in mind that in order to meet Swappa's standard of Mint a device can have absolutely no sign of use. Thank you.

  • rafael r. Seller - Feb 23, 2017 - 11:07 AM

    I mean it's mint u will not be disappointed not only e dent and if there any super small scratch it's almost impossible to see in my eyes it's 10/10 but I say 9.9 just incase the buyer mi nit think the same but I'm 100% sure u will not be disappointed.

  • rafael r. Seller - Feb 23, 2017 - 12:31 PM

    I added more close pic the only thing I can find it's a very small scratch on the bottom took a pic like I said 9.9 out of 10 almost mint

  • Benjamin G. - Feb 28, 2017 - 04:30 PM

    How old is this? Does it have apple care? Thanks!

  • rafael r. Seller - Feb 28, 2017 - 04:53 PM

    No apple care and pic is on there when warranty expires

  • Dimitri J - Feb 28, 2017 - 07:07 PM United States (US)


    What CPU and gpu does it have?

  • rafael r. Seller - Feb 28, 2017 - 07:23 PM

    Intel i7 2.5ghz

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