DreamBliss on Swappa
DreamBliss asks:

The Samsung Galaxy s9 and s20 series, as well as the Note 9 and Note 10 series, have all been …

Anonymous says:

How do I find the model number of the iPhone I’m listing for sale? It has been reset.

Mark E. on Swappa
Mark E. says:

Or the featured fee should be variable based on your listing's placement/position from top.

I paid for a featured listing …

Dougmeister on Swappa
Dougmeister asks:

Cheapest iPhone compatible with Ting is the... iPhone 6?

What about Android? Tougher question, right?

John R. on Swappa
John R. says:

I am tempted to try an unlocked phone, but remain suspicious of the uniform optimism I read on the internet. …

BrewedCoffee on Swappa
BrewedCoffee says:

Hi, I am looking to sell my iPhone SE 2020 on here but I have only one issue where the …

Anonymous says:

I have an iPhone 13 pro Max 512 Verizon carrier, so pretty much open for any network. The only thing …

Jak22 on Swappa
Jak22 says:

I'm looking for an S21 Ultra, unlocked, with the original firmware/bootloader. I can't find a way to contact any sellers …

Greasy on Swappa
Greasy says:

Is this phone worth the money.

Anonymous says:

Is the 3% already added to the sale price or is it a separate fee for Swappa? Any other fees …

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