What Protection Is Swappa Offering Buyers of Samsung Phones with Bad Displays?

DreamBliss on Swappa

The Samsung Galaxy s9 and s20 series, as well as the Note 9 and Note 10 series, have all been reported as having similar issues. It started about 2 years after the release of the Note 9, when users started noticed this problem. Apparently Samsung at one time offered a free screen replacement, but I can find no information on this, and Samsung's own certified service centers know nothing about it.

The issue is always the same... The screen goes dark and takes on a greenish tint. Other issues include lines appearing in the display, ghosting or lag with displayed items, and the color being dull or faded. I purchased a Note 9 through the Amazon Renewed program, and it had this issue, so I ordered a replacement, and it also had this issue.

It is obvious to me that sellers are pawning off units with bad displays on unsuspecting customers, and I want to know what protection Swappa is offering buyers who experience it here. Will you hold any sellers accountable that try to sell these, for all intents and purposes, broken phones? Because if they can slip through the Amazon Renewed program, they can slip through here.

Any phones with this issue must have their displays replaced before they are sold, or must clearly state that the phone has this issue. It is extremely easy to test for. Just a couple hours use updating the phone will show if the display is bad.

I appreciate your help with this. I just need to get a good phone that will work on the Xfinity service and not set me back any more than $300.

Austin N. on Swappa
Swappa Staff


All devices sold on Swappa must be fully functional and not exhibit any issues beyond basic wear and tear. Many larger sellers offer warranties for various amounts of time, but even without that, you are protected by PayPal's buyer protections. https://swappa.com/safety

You can also considering purchasing a WarrantyLife warranty for your newish device. You can read about that here: https://swappa.com/protection-plans

Thanks for using Swappa!

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