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Caio G. on Swappa
Caio G.

if the screen is changed is it the same screen as the device or is it replaced by a lower quality/resolution screen?

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Swappa Staff

Hey there, Caio!

Swappa allows sellers to list devices with repaired or replaced components, such as a new screen. However, the device must be fully functional after the repair, and the repairs should be disclosed in the listing.

In order to qualify as fully functional, all hardware and software features must work. So if the device had a feature from the factory (e.g. a specific screen resolution), that feature must work in order to be sold on Swappa. And if there are dead pixels or screen burn-in, that must be disclosed in the listing as well.

Learn more about device condition requirements on the Swappa FAQ

Please note: Swappa cannot verify replacement screen quality during the listing approval process, so it is up to the seller to disclose this in the listing. If you ever purchase a device that doesn't meet the quality requirements outlined above, please reach out to Swappa support via our Help Desk or by leaving a comment on your private Sale page and ticking the "Swappa I need help!" checkbox.

Robin D. on Swappa
Robin D.

If the screen replacement is an OEM part from a doner device of the same model, it is likely to perform identically, aside from water resistance which has likely been severely compromised. That is, unless it's an Apple device, in which case Apple designed the phones to detune performance/features if unauthorized repairs take place, even with an identical, brand-new replacement parts from another unmolested iphone.

If the replacement part is from another manufacturer, quality ranges greatly due to variances in color accuracy, response time, brightness, efficiency, backlight evenness, ect..

Basically, if I know a phone's screen's been replaced, I'm going to want a significant discount over a phone with the OEM display.

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