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Charles R. on Swappa
Charles R.

I've seen various listings under "Unlocked Carrier" where it stated Cricket in the description. I'm confused if this means it is Locked for Cricket because that isn't a listing under Locked carriers or something different. Some of the listings say Unlocked for GSM and CDMA in the body but Unlocked Cricket in the header so I don't really know what it accurate. I've never had Cricket, so I don't really know how it compatible to the larger companies. I'm looking for something that will work for Sprint now but TMobile once they force everything over so I'm just wary to get stuck with a phone that won't handle the transition.

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Will Verduzco

Hey there, Charles!

Thank you for reaching out about the carrier confusion. According to our listing policy for unlocked devices, products within the "Unlocked Carrier" category must be factory unlocked devices that work on all carriers with compatible radio hardware and network bands.

This means that in order to be listed under the Unlocked Phones category, the phone must have come unlocked from the factory -- and they can't be a previously locked device that was later carrier unlocked after the contract expired.

Without looking at the individual listings that you're referring to, my guess is that the seller is merely advertising a listing as also working on Cricket. However, if you feel that a listing was improperly categorized by the seller, you can feel free to ask for clarification in the listing comments or reach out to Swappa Support using our Help Desk.

Also, regarding your current Sprint plan: From what I have read, it appears as if T-Mobile is shutting down Sprint's legacy 3G CDMA network on March 31, 2022. I think the safest bet at that point would be an unlocked phone that's compatible with the network bands used by all current US carriers (including T-Mobile), such as the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, Galaxy S20 FE or newer.

Hope this helps!

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