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Swappa is the ultimate marketplace for used Android devices.

Android Devices

Swappa makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell fully functional, gently used Android devices.

Swappa is a recently launched site for buying and selling gently used Android devices. Only fully functional, ready to activate Android devices are allowed (no phones with bad ESNs, water damage or cracked screens).

Creating a listing to sell a device is free and easy. Buying a device is easy too. There are no auctions and no confusion to what's being bought and sold. A listing's price includes shipping costs and other fees. Overall, Swappa provides a streamlined experience for buying and selling gently used, fully functional Android devices.

Swappa's goal is to make it easy for both buyers and sellers to benefit from gently used Android devices.

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Why Swappa?

Why buyers use Swappa:

  • Get new device without having to extend your carrier contract
  • Get recently released Android device on the cheap

Why sellers use Swappa:

  • Upgrade to new devices more often
  • Get money for your last Android device

All listings on Swappa meet the following criteria (according to the Seller):

  • All devices are fully functional
  • All devices have clean ESN/MEIDs (have not been reported lost or stolen)
  • All devices are free of water damage and screen cracks

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