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Cheap android watch prices start at $40 as of January 2022.

How much is an Android watch?

An Android smartwatch can retail for several hundred dollars depending on the model and brand. Android smartwatches running Wear OS by Google are priced from as low as around $200 and can easily climb to $500 or more. Buying a used model directly from another Swappa user can often mean substantial savings.

Do Android watches work with iPhone?

Android smartwatches will work with an Apple iPhone. Watches running Wear OS by Google will work with an iPhone provided it is running iOS 10.0 or later. The option to use an Android smartwatch with an iPhone opens a number of options, but in some cases, users will find the features are limited when using an Android smartwatch with an Apple iPhone.

What can you do with an Android watch?

For some users, an Android smartwatch serves as an extension of their smartphone by using features such as getting notifications for text messages and phone calls or replying to messages directly from your wrist. However, Android smartwatches offer much more in terms of functionality. Features can vary from model to model, but common features include GPS location tracking for exercise, daily step counting, calendar notifications, listening to music, quick access to Google Assistant, and making payments with Google Pay.

What is the best Android watch?

Android smartwatches are made by a variety of different companies, which can make it a little tricky to choose the absolute best. You can find Android smartwatches from Motorola, Samsung, Fossil, LG, and more. These companies all have different Android smartwatches and you will find models designed for style, everyday wear, working out, and even battery life. You should take note of your specific needs when looking for the best Android smartwatch.

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