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JT t.

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Washington D.C US

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    • +1 rating by Nathan E. on Jun 20, 2019:

      Fast shipping and everything as advertised. Thanks!

      +1 rating by Slovak Sound on Jun 19, 2019:

      Laptop was in good order. There was a small issue with the listing but was remedied quickly and generously. Thank you!

      +1 rating by cdog17 on Jun 12, 2019:

      Ipad was brand new as advertised and warranty began right after activation. Item was shipped same day and seller was quick to respond to any questions. Very pleased with this purchase!

      +1 rating by Rob Dee on Jun 07, 2019:

      Watch was shipped very quickly

      +1 rating by MARTIN B. on Jun 06, 2019:

      Good seller, product quality as advertised.

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