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    • +1 rating by Shrivatsan on Mar 08, 2019:

      Thank a lot Jeremy!

      +1 rating by Max,M on Mar 02, 2019:


      rating by Juan A. on Nov 14, 2018:

      I highly recommend this seller, exceeded all my expectations. The phone was included in the list as "Good condition", but it is really closer to being "Mint Condition". The phone came in its original box, including all its accessories. It seems new, like the 2 cases it included. I am very happy, the seller was very kind and also sent the phone quickly. Undoubtedly I would buy another device, it is clear that the seller takes care of them.

      rating by Juanita G. on Feb 12, 2017:

      Thank you Jeremy for quick delivery. Device is in excellent condition and received as described.

      rating by Mike G. on Dec 05, 2016:

      As described!

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