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    • +1 rating by Katie R. on Jun 24, 2019:

      The phone looks and works great, very happy with it!

      +1 rating by Jesus G. on Jun 24, 2019:

      Product is really good, working just fine for an awesome price. A little back and forth with seller but overall good customer service :D Always ready to answer any question you may have. Would defenitely buy again :)

      +1 rating by Vince C. on Jun 23, 2019:

      Phone arrived quickly and in perfect condition, even better than expected. Would definitely buy from again!

      +1 rating by Jose A. C. on Jun 23, 2019:

      phone is in great condition.

      +1 rating by Wayne G. on Jun 21, 2019:

      A Most Excellent Deal. Phone in mint condition and better than described. Extremely well done.

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