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    • -1 rating by Veer P. on Jun 09, 2019:

      Never shipped, took a few weeks to get my refund

      -1 rating by Nicholas V. on Jun 07, 2019:

      Phone never arrived and seller stopped communications. Thankfully PayPal was able to give me a refund.

      -1 rating by HiTech on Jun 05, 2019:

      Never shipped, had to file PayPal claim for my money back.

      -1 rating by Dawa P. on May 20, 2019:

      Did not receive the item, more over charged twice for it plus insurance $60 charge for nothingness.

      +1 rating by Kai R. on May 05, 2019:

      Excellent seller who was dead on about the phone being in mint condition. Fast shipping time and responsive! Thanks!

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