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    • +1 rating by Daniel N. on Jun 15, 2019:

      Thank you, phone described perfectly. Shipped fast and great packaging as well.

      +1 rating by Jake1212 on Jun 06, 2019:

      Keep up the good work.

      (0) rating by Juan manuel G. on Jun 06, 2019:

      Hi, Thanks for the product. It was near "Mint" Good will be Ok for condition, have some scratch on the screen, nothing else.

      (0) rating by Paul K. on Jun 04, 2019:

      Phone was perfect, thanks!

      (0) rating by Galaxy Tech Review on Jun 04, 2019:

      Item listed in MINT, minor scratches on screen that do not show up when device is on. not MINT but still very GOOD condition.

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