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+1 rating by CHUNGYANG C. on Nov 25, 2020:

The phone works well - the phone saw few deeper scratches kindly surprised - overall positive.

-1 rating by Brody V. on Oct 18, 2020:

For the first couple of days, the iPhone I received continuously restarted when it was not in use. The problem started to fix itself up until recently, unless I used Bluetooth, where the iPhone would keep restarting anytime I connected to my headphones. Other then that, the phone worked for a week at the most with no problems. Yesterday was when more problems began. Saturday night, the iPhone would go into a hard reboot, where I had to press the volume up/volume down/power button down to get the phone to turn back on. This had never been an issue before, the phone had just kept restarting and I would simply press the power button to turn it back on. Tonight, however, I tried to use the volume up/down/power button technique to turnt the phone back on, and it refuses to do so. It's extremely frustrating to receive a phone from a "trusted" used phone site, and "trusted" used phone seller and see that it has come with a litany of issues that none of my previous phones every experienced.

+1 rating by Andrea B. on Sep 17, 2020:

thank you! for the glass and shipping!

+1 rating by Jose H. on Aug 24, 2020:

Thank you!

+1 rating by Joel A. on Aug 16, 2020:

Everything came as described and I am happy with this sale.

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