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    • +1 rating by George F. on Apr 25, 2019:

      Smooth transaction. Fast shipping. Phone was as described and works perfectly.

      +1 rating by Gregory on Apr 21, 2019:

      First time buying from this site and very happy with the result. The process was as simple as buying the phone and waiting to ensure it is in the condition as requested.

      +1 rating by Phil W. on Apr 20, 2019:

      Works flawlessly. Thank you.

      +1 rating by Oren L. on Feb 26, 2019:

      I didn't have a working phone. Now I do. USPS managed to be a bit slower than they promised, but I've been burned by other shippers, so I don't blame the seller for that.

      +1 rating by MJ M. on Feb 24, 2019:

      Received phone it is in terrific shape. Great transaction, top notch seller.

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