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(0) rating by Rick G. on Apr 08, 2021:

Purchased phone. Had to ask status because several days pass without communication or tracking info. All to find out seller sold phone to someone else. Aggravating but seller did refund promptly.

-1 rating by Joshua P. on Apr 01, 2021:

I hate to give this a negative rating but I feel that it is more negative than positive. The seller was friendly but they did take a while to get back to me until swappa got involved. The phone they sold me got blacklisted due to the original buyer not paying the phone off months after I purchased it so I had to send it back and they did give me a full refund but I already bought accessories and a phone case for this phone so even though I'm glad I got my money back and was frustrating knowing I bought extra things for this device and then I had to wait a couple of weeks after the first message stating it was blacklisted to get my refund.

-1 rating by MountainClimber on Mar 31, 2021:

update 4/1: After closing the sale, I checked Sprint Financial with the IMEI. Result: failed. Perhaps outstanding financial obligation.

Seller missed shipping time frame. Swappa messaged seller: "Swift Tech Buy, please communicate and provide a tracking number on this page to keep the sale moving in the right direction."

Also seller sent message: “Sorry, we DO NOT ship by air."

Did not receive the dual port charge featured in a picture of the phone for sale. Seller responded: “Dual port USB charger you see on the photo is ONLY for Photo purpose."

I asked the seller to clarify, but no response. Swappa messaged the seller:”Swift Tech Buy, please check in here.

Swappa sent another message: “Swift Tech Buy, we need you to check in today ... ensure any of your other listings do not show items unless they will be included."

+1 rating by Mike F. on Mar 23, 2021:

Awesome. iPad was received as described and worked perfectly. Thanks!!

(0) rating by Krystel HP on Mar 21, 2021:


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