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James H.

Swappa user since: Sept. 29, 2015 (3 years, 9 months)

Cleveland, OH US

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    • rating by StompySan on Oct 16, 2018:

      Arrived quickly and as described. THANKS!

      rating by Christopher C. on Feb 13, 2018:

      Phone came on time and with everything included. I would buy from this seller again.

      rating by wahyu ww n. on Oct 17, 2017:

      I have accepted my package as described...the packages was very good ...the phone condition is as described before... I need a time to give feedback about hardware condition and software because I have experience nexus 5 sometimes have a problem with turn off/on itself.. Because of both hardware and software issue...I will check it first and I will review the whole product condition later...but this seller is very good when packaging his item for shipping.. Absolutely highly recommend seller

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