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    • +1 rating by ClubDownforce on Jun 19, 2019:

      Good seller, I had a couple issues with the device, but decided to take to Apple for myself and get replaced. All worked out in the end.

      +1 rating by Phil K. on Jun 18, 2019:

      every thing as expected

      +1 rating by Lawrence S. on Jun 17, 2019:

      Received product in described condition. The box was from different serial number which was a little confusing. But nonetheless the phone works well and I'm satisfied with the sale.

      +1 rating by Roy B on Jun 15, 2019:

      The shipping was fast and the phone came exactly as described. Thank you!

      +1 rating by Chandru V. on Jun 11, 2019:

      Received as described.

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