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    • (0) rating by Gary Y. on Apr 02, 2019:

      received with one major scratch and a few minor scratches, thus not exactly as described, BUT seller Justin was really collaborative, friendly, and issued partial refund promptly. Cannot give thumb up, but thumb up for the seller's friendly response.

      +1 rating by Jesse B. on Dec 31, 2018:

      Its amazing the tablet is better than ever could have thought.

      +1 rating by Jonathan S. on Dec 03, 2018:

      The battery life isn't great, but that's mentioned in lots of pixel reviews. There is a weird thing where the phone shuts down when trying to transition from the camera to the photos app, but it's very repeatable, therefore avoidable, and probably a software glitch. The seller sent everything promptly, in good order. Thanks!

      +1 rating by Damian B. on Nov 24, 2018:

      Wonderful transaction!

      rating by Landon S. on Mar 31, 2018:

      Quick shipping and answered questions about device very quickly.

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