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+1 rating by Michael H. on Dec 07, 2019:

Arrived as described in a good package. Highly recommended!

+1 rating by Max N. on Dec 06, 2019:

Exactly as depicted

+1 rating by Gabriel A. on Dec 05, 2019:

Works well. The order came in quick before travel.

-1 rating by Kris H. on Dec 03, 2019:

First - printing label was printed, but no phone was delivered to USPS. That made it seem like the phone was shipping. I checked with USPS and they informed me that this is what happened. Replacement phone sent 20 days later. Envirotel was communicating OK. Then - phone had poor battery life, then all of a sudden, no communication. Then phone finally needed battery after 2 months. Repairman said inside was trashed with multiple screen and battery replacements and finally the connectors to the phone were damaged. Phone trashed. My feeling is that Envirotel DOES NOT run the phones through any testing and oversells phones to folks like me.

+1 rating by James C. on Dec 03, 2019:

Fast Delivery. Product came as advertised in the pictures. Works flawlessly