$32 /mo

Unlimited Talk, Text, 10GB Twigby Plan

We’ll let the other guys force you to choose from one size fits all plans. Simply use what you need. If you move up to the next plan, you’re only charged the difference in the next plan price. When each month starts over, you'll restart with your originally chosen plans.

$32.25 per month • Prepaid

25% off for 6 months

Multi-Line 1 Line 2 Lines 3 Lines 4 Lines 5 Lines
Per Line $32.25 $32.25 $32.25 $32.25 $32.25
Total $32.25 $64.50 $96.75 $129.00 $161.25

Unlimited Talk

Wi-Fi Calling and Texting Free with Capable Phones

Unlimited Text

Includes Unlimited Texting

10GB Data • 4G LTE

Hotspot4G LTE

Never a charge to use hotspot/tethering.

International • Calls • Texts

International Talk & Text at no additional charge!

Network: Sprint

Twigby is an MVNO providing service using 2 networks: Verizon and Sprint.

Twigby Plans


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300 Mins

Unlimited Text

No Data

No Hotspot

Unlimited Talk

Unlimited Text

No Data

No Hotspot

Unlimited Talk

Unlimited Text

10GB Data (4G LTE)

Hotspot (4G LTE)

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