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Swappa users review their experience with Net10 service and coverage.

deborah d.
Sept. 8, 2022

- 3 / 5 stars

i simply can't log into my account online. i forgot my password and the system they use to reset the password doesn't work,. i spent hours on the phone and they escalated my case. it was so stressful . tech support heavy accents hard to understand hard to hear them. issue was neve resolved. getting a new iphone xr. i'm praying i can just swap the sim cards and never have to call them!

Jagur M.
Dec. 28, 2019

- 5 / 5 stars

In my area they are one of the only options that is affordable and works very well. I would recommend using their Verizon network MVNO option because it is very good coverage especially in rural areas. Their customer service is sometimes hard to understand and they don't seem to be very well trained but if you spend a little while on the phone with them you can usually get things done relatively quickly and they will check back with you several times to make sure that it has been accomplished almost to the point of being quite redundant. Anytime they give you a deadline as to say your service will be activated in a couple hours you can almost count on it being activated in like 5 minutes. Port in import out is very easy with this company and speeds are what you would typically expect from an MVNO. Price per gig on some of the plans I've used seems to be very good as well. for me in my area I will always be using them.

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