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Galaxy A10e

Available in 1 storage option:

  • 32GB
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How much storage does the Galaxy A10e have?

The Samsung Galaxy A10e is available in 1 storage option: 32GB.

Storage Popularity

Which Galaxy A10e storage are most people buying?

Which Galaxy A10e storage is most popular?

The most popular Galaxy A10e storage option is 32 GB, chosen by 100% of buyers on Swappa.

Storage Pricing

How does storage size affect Galaxy A10e price?

More storage generally means a higher price for the Galaxy A10e.

In January 2024, the average sale price for the 32 GB option was $63.

Galaxy A10e Price

How much storage do I need on my Galaxy A10e?

The amount of Galaxy A10e storage you need depends on how you use your phone. If you frequently capture photos or videos, download a lot of music, or install a bunch of games and apps, you should probably opt for the larger storage size. On the other hand, if you primarily stream video and music online, store most of your photos and videos in the cloud, and only install a few games and apps at a time, you can save money by getting a smaller storage option.

What is the best storage for Galaxy A10e?

Although some storage sizes are more popular than others, there isn’t really a “best” Galaxy A10e storage capacity. In reality, the best Galaxy A10e storage size really depends on what you do with your phone. If you don’t take a lot of photos or videos and you don’t tend to install a lot of games and apps, you’re probably better off saving money and getting a smaller size. However, if you take a lot of photos and videos, and you like to download a lot of games and apps, opt for additional storage.

File Storage Capacity

How many photo, video, and music files can Galaxy A10e hold?



Photo Storage

The Galaxy A10e 32GB should hold at least 3,400 JPG photos when stored at standard resolution and compression.

Video Storage

The Galaxy A10e 32GB should hold at least 85 minutes of 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second. If you prefer to film at 4K, you can expect at least 34 minutes of UHD video at 30 frames per second.

Music Storage

The Galaxy A10e 32GB should hold around 1,770 songs stored using high quality lossy compression (320 kbps MP3 or AAC), or around 499 songs stored using lossless compression (FLAC).

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Photo Files

Photo storage requirements vary based on image format, compression level, resolution, and the contents of the image itself. But in general, a full-resolution JPG photo from a modern smartphone typically occupies around 2-5 MB. However, this can be considerably higher if you store your images in RAW or uncompressed formats.

Video Files

Video bitrate depends on resolution, frame rate, compression level, video format, and the contents of the video itself. 1080p video at 30 frames per second typically requires about 100-200 MB per minute, and 4K video at 30 frames per second consumes roughly 300-500 MB per minute.

Music Files

Music file sizes vary based on audio format, sampling rate, bit depth, and song length. A high quality 320 kbps MP3 or AAC requires 2.4MB per minute or about 10MB per song. However, higher quality, lossless formats such as FLAC can require up to 10MB per minute or about 40MB per song.

Product Comparisons

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Which Galaxy A10e storage should I get?

You decide. Either way, Swappa has the best deals.

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