MacBook Air 2015 Repair Questions

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Hi! I have a MacBook Air (2015)(if you didn't read the title haha!) with a dying battery. It still holds a charge but shuts down well before the battery power hits 50% so I have to keep it plugged in or off at all times to keep it from suddenly powering off. Does anyone know a reputable source for a battery and/or for a repair shop in the North Florida area? If not for the second part, anywhere within continental US is fine as long as they allow people to ship their tech!

The same computer has a couple of dead keys as well. I can't turn up the volume with the key anymore, I have to manually change it in settings, and the plus/equals key doesn't work either. I'd love some tips on repair if anyone has them.

Thank y'all for your time! :D

hamid c. on Swappa
hamid c.

For MacBook Air (2015) battery replacement and repair options, you can consider searching for Apple Authorized Service Providers or Apple Stores in your area in North Florida, as they are reputable sources for genuine parts and skilled technicians. If you're open to shipping your MacBook, there are also many reputable repair shops across the continental US that accept mail-in repairs.

To address the dead keys issue, you might want to explore DIY solutions like cleaning the keys or consider consulting a professional technician for a keyboard repair.

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